You Play To Win The Game

We are on Day 24 of Big Brother 13, and already we’ve seen game playing the likes of which you don’t normally get this early. There has been backstabbing, hinky voting; the game has kicked into high gear.  Normally it’s tough to judge the game being played this early on. However, as a feedwatcher and fan it is my Grodner-given right to play armchair houseguest and calls ’em likes I sees ’em! Here’s my take on the Big Brother 13 houseguests’  games so far:

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Strategy Strep

It’s an illness, this thing called strategy. Some people come into the show free of any sign of infection, and others come in blazing with feverish hypotheses of how to win the game. The problem with that type of thinking is this: Big Brother is a game of psychological nature. It consists of a microcosm of a societal kaleidoscope, of human psyche, of motivation and morality (or lack of). So making plans ahead of the game is pretty much death. There’s always going to be a moment when Julie Chen says, “Are you sitting down?”

So, Keith came into the house thinking he was going to have a harem of beauties—Keith’s Angels—as he so eloquently stated. They would distract, distort, glean information, deflect criticism, give comfort, wipe perspiration, cuddle, ooh and awe all the way to the end. And he, not they, would be the winner. He made this plan before finding out six pro-players would be entering the house. He also did it without thinking that the females in the house might have their own plans to counter his own. And when things got bad, he got loud.

Porsche was this close to being voted out Thursday night, but she wasn’t and here’s why: she is still pliable to the ways of strategy. You want me to help you out? Okay. You want me to lie a little? Cool. I can do that. It’s early and the game is long. I want to be poolside in my bikini for a few more weeks and so I’m just going to ride the tide and collect a golden key. Ooh, it’s pretty too. I’m kissing it, I’m kissing the golden key. My, oh, my it sure looks nice around my quiet, cool and collected little neck. See ya, Keith.

Yes, don’t make assumptions in this game. And unless forced to by the Chen, don’t make alliances until a few weeks in. If you must, absolutely must, then ride out the loyalty the best you can, but still keep your mind open to other opportunities. Never claim citizenship in the Big Brother House, or you too will come down with Strategy Strep. It ain’t fun. The antidote is Chen kissing you with sparkly lip gloss asking, “So, where do you think it all went wrong?” And that stuff’s hard to get off.

Keith Out :: Jordan HoH

Whenever Big Brother promotes the slogan: Expect the Unexpected us regular feed watchers roll our eyes or shake our heads because we know the live show is predicted by the previous week’s feed watching. We likely know who is leaving and who’s going to throw the upcoming HOH. When Julie, looking pretty in pink, introduced last night’s show and teased us with ‘Both think they have the votes to stay but in a house divided nothing is certain’ she wasn’t kidding.  The first weeks eviction vote was totally unpredictable.
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First Veto Wrap-Up

The first Veto competition and ceremony were completed yesterday, with Rachel and Brendon choosing not to use it. They took first in some sort of word / spelling game. From the sound of things it was no contest, Jeff + Jordan and Keith + Porsche weren’t even close. Brendon wanted to shake things up, but cooler heads prevailed: the nominations were left in place. Either Keith or Porsche is going home on Thursday.


Is that Keith or his twin Kenny? Sux to be the angry one at home, not chosen, wondering what he has that you don’t. Can we talk about the whole “Keith’s Angels” thing? He watched every season so he should know that winning the first HoH is never a good idea; likewise starting an alliance with three random girls.  Does he truly think he’ll be able to uphold his principles & morals as an ordained deacon, while hooking up with hot girls on national TV. For reals? Sounds shady to me.