The Big Red Reset Button

Strategy and planning are important parts of Big Brother. Players that have been considered fan favorites are known for their mastery of the rules of the game, and their ability to strategize and plan the demise of their enemies in the house. In that light, the game reset that occurred this week becomes all the more important when you realize that any previous Houseguest strategy now has to go out the window.

While the now-former coaches have known that this reset was a possibility for at least 2 to 3 weeks, many of the new players had no idea – or at least, didn’t think for sure it was going to happen. Because of this, any plans that they may have had have to be scrapped in favor of new alliances, new alignments and a new approach to the game – one that must include playing against former masters of the game.
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Shane Used Veto – Frank & Joe Up

So sure of his players’ security, Boogie made a rookie mistake last night – going to bed early. Even after a conversation where Britney said that in her opinion the winners in Big Brother are the ones who stay up the latest, since they get time to plot, he was still in bed at 10 o’clock; leaving the HOH door clear for Team Janelle to wheel and deal their way out of a certain eviction.

And what a job Team Janelle did, working overtime until the wee hours of the morning convincing Shane and Britney that the best option was to backdoor Frank. Unsure of how the votes would play out, Britney was reluctant to commit to anything without making sure that they would have the votes evict him.
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Shane Won Veto, Again

When we last left the intrepid houseguests, former nominee/veto winner Shane, had won the ‘On Thin Ice’ HOH Competition. Faced with nominating two people in the house, he had to wait until the Coaches Competition was over to know who he wasn’t able to target for the week. Janelle again won the ability to save one of her players and chose likely target, Wil, to be safe; a smart move, since he was a certainty to be on the block.

With the number one target on Janelle’s team unable to be nominated, Shane debated whether to split the nominations between Boogie’s and Janelle’s team, or to draw a line in the sand and nominate two people from the same team. When the feeds cut for nominations he was still undecided and after, admitted that he spent a good five minutes  debating before he placed the last key in the slot. In the end, the two nominees were Joe and Ashley, the only two players who could be nominated from Janelle’s team.
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Turning Tides

It can often be said in the Big Brother House that the success and failure of any player’s game shifts each week much like the tide rolls in and out. Going from the zenith of power to the nadir of helplessness isn’t just a possibility, it’s an expected and somewhat regular occurrence. The years are littered with the corpses of gameplay that took “tragic falls” from one week to another, and many a player has felt the sting of Julie’s Boudoir a mere 7 days after being in “total control” of the house.

Rarely, however, has an alliance felt such a stinging rebuke as Britney’s team did in the past 7 days. From having three strong players and an alliance with a power trio to having one player remaining, Britney’s tenure as coach can only be described as having one major success so far. But what a success it is, folks.
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Shane Off, Danielle Up

In the late morning Veto Ceremony today, Shane took himself off of the block and Frank named Danielle as the replacement nominee. Now, with JoJo and Danielle sitting in the nomination chairs, the house has to decide who to send out the door. Jo Jo, the spunky Staten Islander who talks big game and well… talks. Or Danielle, the Southern Belle, who in Real Life is a Nurse at 23. However when she says it, it sounds an awful lot like ‘Kindergarten Teacher’.

There are many reasons to keep and evict both, but it seems that the house is still reeling from Willie’s Hantzheadedness, so the target still firmly remains on his former ally JoJo. She was target #2 on the BB Hit List after the chips fell over Willie’s explosion.  Added to that is the fact that JoJo is viewed as more dangerous player in the game physically and has more of a chance in the HOH endurcance competitions.
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Willie Out & Shane Won Veto

Yesterday was quite an eventful day inside the Big Brother house, if not on the feeds. Trivia started in the afternoon while the Coaches Competition took place. A balancing, collecting and stacking challenge that in the end was won by Janelle, who decided to skip trading any of her players and saved Ashley from the threat of nomination.

She also won the right to choose the Have-Nots for the week, unsurprisingly targeting Team Britney making Willie, JoJo and Shane (for the second straight week) Have-Nots. One more was needed and Ian, being the ultimate good sport (crazy), volunteered to spend another week in the vortex. The good thing about being a Have-Not this week is the Americas Vote food began and now they can eat pork rinds and pudding to their hearts content.

Willie, however, didn’t take going from the HOH to the Have-Not Room very well at all. In fact, in the few minutes of feeds we saw after the Coaches Competition, he stormed around pissed off, threatened violence, and started to have a complete Big Brother meltdown. After a bit of that, he raged through the living room indiscriminately cursing the players he despised, dropping F and C bombs like they were ‘please’ and ‘thank you’. Predictably, the feeds were cut off and almost four hours of trivia began.
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Veto Not Used – Frank & Kara Nominees

In an unsurprising Veto ceremony this afternoon, Shane, the winner of the first Veto Competition of the summer decided to not use the Power of Veto to change Nominations, leaving Model Kara and Unemployed Frank on the block.

With the votes still up in the air and deals being made between everybody and their (Russel Hantz’s) Brother, what will ultimately happen on Thursday is unknown. It seems alliances are being made, including but not limited to, a potential ‘Brigade’ between Frank, Shane and Willie under the tutelage of Mike Boogie himself, a one week deal with Willie and Kara, and Britney and Janelle’s alliance of their teams, but which one is a true long-term game busting deal is a huge question mark for us viewers.

With the game only in its first week, the amount of game play, deal making (and obvious future deal breaking) happening this soon is a feedsters paradise. The inclusion of legendary players as coaches has turned up the speed of the game from zero to sixty in less than eight days. While it is great for us as viewers, the long term effects of such strenuous game play so early is already starting to show on the stress levels of some of the newbies, and the coaches themselves have mentioned numerous times that this first week has much more happening than their previous seasons.

One thing is for sure – things are heating up fast in the Big Brother house!

Day One Recap and Veto

When the feeds came on last night all we knew was there were only 11 players and Willie, the latest Hantz to grace a CBS reality series, is HOH. That soon changed when 5 minutes after the feeds start Super Fan Ian, catering to us fans, slipped in to the vortex of a Have-Not Room and gave us an update.

Willie nominated Playboy Model Kara, from Dan’s team, and Boogie’s Unemployed Beach Bum Frank for eviction, He (Ian), Shane, Ashley and Daniele are Have-Nots and the Veto would be played today. Willie, Frank, Kara, Shane, Daniele and Wil would be the competitors.

The mysterious new competition Julie closed out the episode with was mentioned multiple times during the night, making it clear that a Coaches Competition took place before nominations and was won by Boogie. He won the power to save one of his team from being nominated for the week and thinking that Frank was safe, he gave ‘immunity’ to Ian.

In another development, it seems that the Pandoras Box room is now a full bedroom for the Coach of the reigning HOH, and it allows a more private place to speak if the HOH room is too busy.  Britney and Janelle are sharing the room making it clear that they are tight in the game. No surprise there since Britney has idolized the former player since her debut in season 6.

With the house already divided by the Coaches, Janelle and Britney teamed up quickly and Boogie and Dan seemed to be working together, the lines have already been drawn. Not sure how long it will be before the players openly defy their coaches and send the game into a tailspin, but with lots of game play in the first week, it can only get better.

Deals are being made all around and an alliance was revealed between Willie and, ironically enough, Frank, who he had just nominated for eviction. The majority of last night was spent by Britney and Janelle trying to pound the fact that Frank is a major competitor and more of a threat than Kara, then stating that it was a useless conversation until the Veto was played, then starting the same conversation over again a minute later. By the wee hours of the morning they laughed their butts off every time they mentioned it. The Dynamic between Britney, Willie and Janelle is pretty priceless, and when Wil is in the picture nobody can keep the funny out of a conversation.

On to the Veto….

When the feeds came back it was obvious that it was a slippery competition; all of the participants were freshly showered and clean. Helped out by the copious amounts of dish soap they apparently had to dive through to retrieve coins to fill their ‘bank’.  A fresh competition, according to Ian and Britney all of the competitions so far this season have been new. Climbing through things, sliding, finding and tossing coins seemed to be the nature of this particular game.

And of course in Big Brother there is always someone playing dirty. Hiding coins from other competitors was something that was being talked about in the HOH Suite, and apparently they were the targeted party. If some sabotage did go on, it should be fun to watch since it failed spectacularly and their side won anyway.

Shane ended up proving himself a good choice for Britney by winning the first POV with a total of $1.30 in his bank, and was closely followed by Willie who scored the same amount of change, but was behind in time. It all now rests in the hands of Shane, the quintessential good looking all American man. As a member of Britney`s team he is in a strong position this week with his alliance in power and the Veto in his hands.

With it only being week one, the chances that he`ll go against what his team has said is slim, but anything can happen before the Veto ceremony, so we`ll have to keep an eye on all the gameplay between now and then. If a target is placed on someone else’s back on the opposing side, it is entirely possible that it will be used to take (most likely) Kara off the block and Willie will place that unlucky person up in her stead.

Stay Tuned Ladies and Gentlemen – the game has just begun.