A House, Emptied

In the end, there was little real doubt.

After a season where people’s mouths kept getting them in trouble, it was Andy’s ability to clearly get across his game moves and strategies that sealed the deal and earned him the grand prize of $500,000. After playing one of the best social games seen in Big Brother, Andy managed to win when needed once more to earn the final HoH and evict his partner in the game, Spencer. With a Day One promise to GinaMarie that she never denied, Andy also managed to prove a loyalty that showed doubters that he could be faithful to a promise.

The vote was not really in question, once Julie revealed the keys. Andy ended up receiving 7 votes, losing only Aaryn and Judd to GinaMarie. GinaMarie managed to tank her chances with a disastrous performance in the final Jury questions, but the cards had been on the table with questions about what actions she had taken other than getting Amanda out of the game. Amanda’s question revealed the weakness in GinaMarie’s argument – that other than the one move, she was more known for being a Nick devotee than anything strategic or game changing. GinaMarie also faces one of the tougher realities outside of the house, and it is hoped by this author that she comes out of this experience for the better.

The final vote to be revealed was America’s Choice, and as expected Elissa won this vote and the $25,000 that came with it. Team Brenchel came out one more time to support their player, and she will have her 25 grand to show for it. Interesting items of note were the revelations to the case of the controversy that erupted from the season, Howard’s dignified response to the more vile things said in the House and the train wreck of the final Jury questions. It has often been said that Dan Gheesling lost his second Big Brother Win with the Jury questions, and it is possible that this happened for a second year in a row. Social Media and Board responses certainly swayed from GinaMarie to Andy as the questions were answered.

After the longest season on record, how does this year stack against previous years of Big Brother? Well, it’s a bit of a mixed bag. Few will argue that this was the best season of Big Brother, but those that call it the worst season ever may have short memories. While players made poor judgments in things that were said, we also had a full cast of new players and power did shift. We had major players making big moves, and alliances that rose and fell. We had drama, and comedy. This was not a boring season along the lines of Big Brother 12, and the case – while controversial – didn’t reach the depths of depravity of a Big Brother 9 (the season with the most members in jail or prison, as of this writing). The winner was a college professor who made definite, major strategic moves who did not float to the end.

The problem that many may have with this season is that it felt mean. Personal attacks were the norm, and it extended to the outside of the House. Social media was aflame with attacks on other fans, bloggers, etc. based on the game. It is hoped that future seasons see a more tempered approach from the more overzealous fans towards a reality show and their fellow fans. We will see another season of Big Brother next summer, and already people are clamoring for the repeated mantra of another All-Stars season. After the debacles of this season, an All-Stars may be the best way to cleanse the palates of Big Brother fans. The downside of such a season, however, is that it tends to draw out the more overzealous fans who see no problem with attacks on other fans based on the game.

As for this season, it is completed and we will move on. Special thanks to Keith for the forum to share this analysis with you, and thank you to those who have read this series of articles. We will see you again next year.

Have a good year, Big Brother Fans.


Finale Results:


Week Fifteen Head of Household: Andy

Andy won based on the final two competitions, showing once more the ability to Win When Needed. Those who critique Andy forget that he did win 3 Head of Household competitions, including the last one. This was a major factor in his win.


Week Fifteen Evictee: Spencer

Spencer’s run ended with a promise to another player. Andy had been loyal to his two longest allies, and in the end it was an earlier promise to GinaMarie that pushed Spencer to the Jury.


Big Brother 15 Winner: Andy

Andy won based on a multitude of reasons, but mostly from a level of respect from the Jury towards his game strategy. Andy’s moves were strongest when compared to GinaMarie, but in truth he would have likely won against nearly any member of the Jury.


Big Brother 15 Runner-Up: GinaMarie

GinaMarie made it to Final Two thanks to loyalty by Andy, and most likely would have won the game had the final HoH comp gone her way. It was only when compared to Andy that her game (and winning chances) fell apart. She still wins $50,000 and her reunion with Nick seemed pleasant on camera. Hopefully, she comes out of this experience with a bit more self-confidence and a better control of her temper and verbiage.


Big Brother 15 America’s Choice: Elissa

Elissa won America’s Choice, based on the public vote that was likely coordinated by fans of Team Brenchel. Hopefully, that win buys her departure from our screens.


Star of the Year: Amanda

While she was one of the most controversial players, no one can honestly deny her influence on the season and the course that it took. Amanda was behind major evictions throughout the game, and it was at the point where her inability to win when needed hurt her the most that she was evicted. Still, Amanda defined the course of the game for a large part of the season and as a result, she is this column’s star of the season. (Runner-up goes to Judd for the most entertaining play of the season.)


Goat of the Year: Aaryn

If there was anyone who epitomized the controversial nature of the season, it was Aaryn. From her poor attitude and racist statements to her inability to own her actions, Aaryn exemplified the bad of this season. The Mean Girl did receive her comeuppance, and may learn from the experience.


Game Play Move of the Year: Jessie destroys Helen’s game in Week 8, changing the House dynamics.

Although it did little to help Jessie’s game, the exposure of Helen’s game made it easy for other Houseguests to go after the mother from Chicago. With Helen gone, the target then moved towards Amanda and McCrae and the destruction of the other power alliance in the game. This single act pushed the first of the dominoes that led to the Exterminators alliance, the eviction of the remaining power players and the eventual win by Andy.

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GM never denied that promise, but she surely looked befuddled when he mentioned it. And why would she protest? It got her to the end, that “convenient, loyalty story”. 50k for thee, not for he (Spencer)

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