A Stand-Up Moment

It’s season five, and the Four Horsemen have been terrorizing the house. Little Diane Henry has put her foot in her mouth one too many times making comments about sides, and which folks were on them. Yeah, she admitted she had a group, not a smart thing to do. But Diane was insanely honest like that. As you can guess the Four Horsemen went on the defense, hell bent on convincing the house that Diane should be the next person up for eviction. The thing about Diane was she had a good heart, perhaps at a fault. She was a young girl, falling fast in love with the hottie Drew. I think in her mind she thought time spent in the Big Brother house was a ticket out of a former life. She wanted love, she wanted a chance at fame, she wanted money. Like Janelle, I felt Diane was one of those contestants who made her way through the game by just being herself. I liked Diane’s spunk, I really did.

So here she is at her lowest point. She’d been alienated, called trailer trash and she knows she is next on the block. There’s a lot at stake for her. And here comes a competition where all she has to do is stand with her finger pressed to a button. I remember Diane said something like, “I’m a waitress. I can stand here all night.” And she did. Jase went insane. He tried everything to mess with her mind, but she held tight, kept that finger poised. Determination, that’s what Diane was made of. Good old stubborn, kick ass determination. Well, after watching Jase melt like a bad robot in a rainstorm, Diana claimed the HOH throne. The house changed completely after that. No more bad guy, just good old, healthy competition. It was something else. Then came the pinky-swear, and history was made. Diane did not win season five, but she burned an image in my mind that will never be forgotten. I was sad to see her do so poorly in the all star season.

So there you have it, my favorite moment in Big Brother history. I hope there will be multiple moments like this one in the new coming BB13 season. I know it’s possible.

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Excellent blog. I liked Diane, too. Let’s hope we have several of those moments this BB13…fingers crossed.

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