Actions Have Consequences

In the end, Shelly can only say she did it to herself. During almost the entirety of the season to date, Shelly was able to manipulate her way through multiple alliances without garnering any real blowback. She masterfully weaved a tapestry of game play that saved allies and caused chaos for in-house enemies without her face being seen as the target- until one week ago.

It was a move Shelly made nine days ago that sealed her fate. By moving from her initial vote-switching target of Adam to Rachel, Shelly made her game moves transparent. Suddenly, her lack of loyalty that had been seen as “working recon” had been exposed for what it really was- a game move designed solely for her advancement. In truth, it wasn’t a bad move to make as I discussed last week. It was, however, poorly executed.

Combined with her poor showing in the argument with Jeff before last week’s live show, her game was exposed as treacherous against the two Veterans she had most allied with until then. Additionally, her lack of skill in physical competitions in conjunction with the new Duo twist set in motion the final steps of her departure from the Big Brother House.

With the departure of Shelly came a new HoH Comp, and it was a physical doozy. In the end, Rachel came out ahead and power has shifted once more in the house. Porsche’s decision to open Pandora’s Box has come back to haunt her, and a $5000 bonus will have to be solace for either her or Kalia leaving by week’s end.

Actions Have Consequences. Shelly learned this with the “ultimate price” that one pays in Big Brother, and either Porsche or Kalia may learn that this week as well.

Winners of the Week:

Rachel and Jordan- By being placed in a duo week and winning the Veto, they saved themselves and put themselves in a position of power. Once the targets, they were now in control of the final vote that sent Shelly packing.

Kalia- By doing nothing, Kalia won an extra $5000 and safety for the week. That’s a good week by anyone’s standards.

Star of the Week:

Rachel- Two wins in a row, including what was looking like a dominating win at the HoH competition are nothing to sneeze at. Combine that with a true change in behavior the last couple weeks and we see a Rachel that has lurked under the outer shell but has never really come out before. This Rachel is fairly likeable, MUCH more easygoing and has a shot at winning the entire game.

Loser of the week:

Shelly- She instigated her own demise, plain and simple. Not only that, she also failed to grasp the true meaning of an old phrase: “I’ll forgive, but I won’t forget.”

Game Change of the Week:

Porsche’s opening of the Pandora’s Box was the biggest true game change in several weeks. By reactivating the Duo Twist, Porsche set the game plan for the rest of the week and possibly the rest of the game. While others have complained (as happens every year) that this was game manipulation by Production- a complaint that loses merit when one considers that the entire game is planned out by Production, and thus has ALWAYS been manipulated as such- it was still ultimately Porsche’s decision to make, and a short-sighted decision as well.

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