Adam Didn’t Use Veto

It’s no surprise that Adam declined to use the Veto today. Knowing that if he did, Jordan, who he is close with, would be the automatic replacement nominee, he wisely chose not to use it. When the feeds came back Kalia was in the HN room, realizing that her time at Big Brother was at an end. Adam and Porsche were talking in the Purple Room, while Rachel and Jordan shaved their legs in the HOH bathtub talking about Adam and Porsche’s alliance.

With Kalia’s eviction, Adam and Porsche will be the last newbies remaining in the house; they’ve been aligned together since early in the game. Adam made a point to tell her that she shouldn’t be offended or worried because as soon as they split up he went up to the HOH to talk with Jordan and Rachel.

It comes down to Adam, Porsche and Jordan in the HOH competition, and it will tell a lot about his game if Adam wins. We will finally see him make a game move in the last week of the game, if it comes to pass. It’s looking good for him if Rachel and Jordan want to stick with him in the game, and he’s still with Porsche. However with this few people in the game everybody but the reigning HOH is at risk of going on the block.

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