Adam is HOH, Porsche Won Veto

This summer is, I’m sure, the best of Adam’s life. He met Tori Spelling, stepped foot in the Big Brother House, and during the second to last Head of Household competition has secured himself a spot in the final three. He proved himself a player during the competition, not getting a single true/false question wrong. He said that it was his competition to loose, and he made sure that he didn’t.

In the Final Veto competition of the season Porsche came out on top, earning another win for her BB resume. Though we don’t know for sure who Adam nominated (though all signs point to Jordan and Porsche)  by eviction time on the live show it will be Rachel and Jordan on the Block, with Porsche either having used the Veto on herself or not having used it at all.

Porsche will be the sole vote for eviction tonight, so things are looking good for Rachel, who she has been friendly with (most of the time) during the game. Jordan has never been close to Porsche and voted to evict her, forcing Rachel to break the tie and evict Kalia. Though Jordan seems to be an easier competitor to beat in the final HOH, her lack of a relationship with Porsche will most likely send her to the Jury house.

Porsche has had an alliance with Adam since the beginning of the game, and is probably counting on that, along with her friendship with Rachel, to lead her to the final two if she doesn’t win the last HOH herself. It’ll all go down live tonight, when our Final Three will be revealed.

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