Adam Wins OTEV Veto

In a pie-based OTEV challenge, Adam came out on top and now holds all the power in the game. Playing the ultimate floater has worked in his favor, leading him to the final five and the last guy in the house. He has firmly aligned himself with Jordan since Jeff was sent to Jury, and has promised a final three deal with her including Rachel.

He has also aligned himself with Porsche since early in the game, and he has the chance to take her from the block, with Jordan as an automatic replacement nominee. After winning and before the feeds, he apparently went to Jordan and assured her of his commitment to be in the final three with her and Rachel, going so far as  giving her his girlfriend, Farrah’s, necklace as a pledge of his intent.

If Adam continues to play as he has, he will not use the Veto on Monday, since that would be an actual game move. He will, of course, promise Porsche’s safety saying that he will not vote against her, knowing that Kalia is the Vets main target for the week. He also will not want to risk the wrath of Jordan and Rachel by breaking his promise to them and painting a target on his back.  He should be pretty safe if he lays low this week, though with the double eviction week coming up that could change quickly.

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