Adam Wins Veto

In a Corn-Hole Trade-Off Veto Competition there were clear winners and clear losers.  Adam pulled out his first Veto win of the season, saving himself in the game.  Shelly turned out to be both, having to endure 24 hours of solitary confinement in the Have Not Room but also looking forward to a phone call from home. Jeff won $5,000, Kalia a trip to the Caribbean and Daniele a Veto Ticket, able to choose to play in a Veto when not chosen to.

Jordan, however, has been given the latest Big Brother leotard– bright green with “I`m With Stupid” and an arrow pointing up on the front, “Kick Me” in the back, and a `propeller dunce-cap. She’s accessorized perfectly, with a bright pink tutu and matching pink fuzzy slippers. According to Jordan she “couldn`t have asked for anything better” and she does totally rock it.

Adam coming off the block will force Daniele to name a replacement nominee. With Brendon back in the game he is the primary target, however before nominations he and Rachel proposed a deal to Dani. We’ll find out whether they really have a deal on Monday. As of Saturday afternoon, it seems almost certain that Daniele has been blowing smoke up Brenda’s butt and will put him on the block and send him to the Jury House next Thursday.

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