All Hail The King

There is a new king in town.

After a run that saw complete domination by a small group of players, it was the undercover cop from Rhode Island who ended up taking the win. Derrick’s game play was one that ended up being respected by the Jury that had been sent there  by his moves, and his 7-2 win over Cody tonight now places him in the pantheon of Big Brother Greats that are debated as to whom is the “Best of All Time.”

In this case, there is serious debate that could be made. Derrick played a game in which he was never nominated, was never seriously up for consideration and who masterminded the game from beginning to end. Derrick also managed to get through the game with competitive wins, a feat that others cannot claim.

Derrick also made the smart decisions on who to take with him to the Final Three, in choosing Cody and Victoria. With Cody, there was a strong loyalty that benefitted him when Cody won the final HoH. With Victoria, there was additional loyalty combined with the added guarantee of a win against her if needed. As it turned out, this was unnecessary as Cody ended up taking the final HoH win.

It should also be said that Cody’s 2nd Place win was respectable, and earned. Cody had performed admirably in competitions and had played a rather good social game, but did not have the resume at the end to win against Derrick. He did take the final shot that ended Victoria’s game, as well – something no one else had done all year.

Tonight’s show also had the benefit of showing the Jury as being mostly non-bitter about the game. When the majority of  the Jury compliments you on how well you played them, that is a major strength of your game. The only truly bitter player appeared to be Jocasta, who was disgruntled that Derrick appeared to use prayer as a game move. This was an attitude that she had shown in the Jury Roundtable, as well. (It is noteworthy that Jocasta also said she would have cast a vote for  Victoria against Derrick.)

So, in the end the question must be asked – how does Derrick stack up against the best of all time? In this columnist’s opinion, there is legitimate reason to argue that Derrick is the current Best Player of All Time. Unlike Dr. Will, Derrick put himself out there by winning competitions. Unlike Danielle, he won the final Jury Vote. Unlike Janelle, Derrick played a flawless social game. There is a case that could even be made against Dan, whose sole claim above Derrick is a 7-0 vote in the Jury. Unlike Dan, however, Derrick was never nominated during the entirety of the season – and that is the crux of an argument for Derrick.

Derrick completed an amazing run tonight by never being nominated for eviction. That is a feat that only one other player has completed through to the Final Two, and that was with the added run of the Battle of the Block nominations. It is in this that this columnist places his belief that Derrick is the best player ever to play this game.

So, where does the show go from here? This was admittedly not the most entertaining season, but that did not affect the ratings as they actually rose 2% over last season’s controversy. The season was not the worst, but the lack of excitement did frustrate a lot of fans. Big Brother has been renewed for an additional two seasons, as was announced on 9/24. Most likely, we will continue to see stunt casting as was done this season with Frankie – a move that generated social media outcry but also produced one of the most competitive players ever. We will likely see another All-Stars season at some point, as it has been several seasons since one was done. Most importantly, the show will continue on.

In the end, that is all we can ask for.


Final Results:

Third Place: Victoria, evicted by Cody

Victoria’s position at Third Place does not demean her game play – in fact, it is a generous position to be in for a game player who was carried to the end. Victoria was evocative of a common Big Brother trope – the nice player who didn’t know what they were doing in-game. She is a genuinely sweet girl, and while we won’t see her again on Big Brother she was rather refreshing towards the end as the last woman standing.

Second Place Winner: Cody

Cody was loyal to the end – that says a lot, given he had a real chance to seal a grand prize win and didn’t take it. Cody’s loyalty cost him a lot of money but earned him an appropriate spot as the lesser of the two alliance members. He may reappear in a future season, but it is unlikely.

First Place Winner: Derrick, Wins Team America $50,000 Bonus and Team America winnings

As stated above, this columnist’s Best Player of All Time. Derrick had a bit off luck come his way this season, but he backed it up with one of the smoothest Social Games ever, a masterful Strategic Game and  a good Competitive Game. Derrick’s game was all-around one of the best in BB history, and it says a lot when Dr. Willl Kirby calls you a “master manipulater.” Derrick’s game may be too difficult to repeat in an All-Stars situation, but it would be refreshing to see him compete again.

Most Entertaining Player of the Season: Caleb

Caleb went from “creepy obsessed lovesick puppy” to “funny, goofy as all get-out nice guy with some eccentricities” pretty quickly. It’s obvious that he goes  all-in on things when he sets his mind that way, but once Amber was gone Caleb opened up and became a much more entertaining player. While Zach was the darling of the online community and Donny was America’s Favorite, it is hard to dismiss the effect Caleb had on the feeds.

Most Valuable Player of the Season: Frankie

Quite bluntly, while Derrick was the mastermind of the entire alliance Frankie is the reason for the Bomb Squad/Detonator domination. Frankie’s run of wins throughout the game secured house dominance by the alliance and ensured a Detonators run through to the end. While he was not the most popular Houseguest for many reasons, no one can reasonably deny that his competitive game was one of the best this season.

Goat of the Season: Devin

As one of the founding members of the Bomb Squad, Devin had a possible run towards the Final game – had  he simply not ever said anything ever again. Devin’s inability to play a solid mental game, coupled with his constant switching of game strategies and generally unlikeable attitude made him an easy first alliance member to be shuffled off. This alone would make him an easy target for Goat of the Week, but his holier-than-thou approach to others and poor social game put him over the top.

Game Move of the Season: Derrick chooses to take Victoria and ally Cody to Final 3, instead of Caleb or Frankie.

More than anything, this shift away from Detonator allies and towards Victoria assured Derrick an easy win tonight. Derrick’s game moves were spectacular this season, and this move away from strong game players who could lay legitimate claim to the grand prize in a Final Two scenario placed Derrick firmly in position to guide the game to victory. Honorable mention goes to Frankie convincing the House to press the Rewind Button, as this changed the course of the game from then on.

A Final Note

All season, I have been fortunate to post and perform for the site. I will return in this capacity next year, and look forward to next season.