Amanda Wins Veto, Saves McCrae – Andy Up

It was Baby Zing-Bot’s first Birthday in the Big Brother House, and to celebrate, a special Power of Veto was played. With the house finally turning on Amanda thanks to HOH Elissa’s budding plan to backdoor her, it was only appropriate that her new target would pull off her first competition win in the game.  Yep, Amanda finally won something, and so, she saved not only herself, but used the power to save her main pizza boy, McCrae, ensuring they’d have at least another week to sneak around, suck face and do the nasty.

With Aaryn as the original target for Elissa’s HOH, now she had the choice of who to put up beside her. GinaMarie, who she promised wouldn’t go up, Spencer, the go-to nomination-seat filler, Andy, he of questionable loyalty, or the returnee Judd.

In the end it was Andy’s flip flopping that landed him on the block next to Aaryn, and with two of the three “A’s” of the 3AM alliance on the block, Amanda and McCrae are trying to save their power player Aaryn, who has shown herself to be a beast in competitions. Andy, however useful as a middle man between the now in Jury Helen’s alliance, hasn’t shown as much competency in competitions and is therefore more of a throwaway member of that alliance.

It all really comes down to the numbers, with three votes needed to evict this week, it’s in the hands of Spencer, Judd and GinaMarie as to who goes home this week. Aaryn is looking like the most likely to be evicted come Thursday, however things can always change in the last hours before a vote – so who really knows?

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