An Unhealthy Dose Of Paranoia

In the Big Brother House, it is important that the power of paranoia not take over your game. While it is healthy to remember that it is a game and that others will be working to eliminate you, it is also important not to sabotage your own game by looking for conspiracies when none are present. Preventing yourself from falling victim to your own suspicions and paranoia is just as important as any other aspect of your social game, and the halls of Big Brother are littered with players who could not control this part of themselves.

The two evictees of the past two weeks, Frank and Da’Vonne, both suffered from shortsightedness – but in Da’Vonne’s case, her inability to control her own paranoia ended up devastating her game and alliances throughout the season.

The writing was on the wall early – in an 8 person alliance, Da’Vonne was looking for people who would come after her and determined Frank was the biggest threat based on little evidence at the time. In the smaller 5 person all-female alliance, this rose again as Da’Vonne targeted Tiffany for eviction. The result threw both alliances into chaos, put Da’Vonne in the sights of other players who were rising to power and made her an easy person to backdoor this week.

Make no mistake, as well – this was in fact a backdoor eviction. Da’Vonne never knew she was a target until she was actually on the block, though her suspicions had been raised following her intense targeting of Frank. Her loss of vision in the game of the true goal made her an easy target for Paulie, who wanted to ensure an in-game enemy would be removed.

Knowing that Big Brother is a game is important – but knowing HOW to play all aspects of the game is more important. Da’Vonne lost track of the social game when paranoia took over, and this was what ultimately led to her speaking to Julie Chen tonight.


Week 6 Results:

Week 6 Head of Household: James

James came to power with one goal – get out with as little blowback as possible. Remarkably, he seems to have done so with no third nominees and a primary target evicted.

Week 6 Veto Winner: Michelle, Did Not Use Veto.

Michelle won the yearly OTEV competition, adding her name to the list of Houseguests that have won this typically fun veto competition Her win, while not necessarily expected, was welcome as it indicated she was able and ready to compete.

Week 6 Evictee: Frank

Frank made several mistakes this season, mistakes that were less glaring in his previous season but reminiscent of BB14 – he overplayed, was overly egotistical and assumed he would remain powerful. Frank’s gameplay was weakened by the fact that once the teams were gone, so were his shields of other players protecting him. Frank’s game was never designed for single-play game play, and it cost him once more in the end.

Week 6 Player of the Week: Victor

Victor won this by way of defeating 3 other Houseguests in the Battle Back competitions. For any player, this is a remarkable achievement and deserves praise.

Week 6 Goat of the Week: Frank

Frank’s position lot low person in the house was clear to everyone but him at first, but his position was clear by the time he was evicted.

Week 6 Game Move of the Week: Michelle does not play veto, ensuring Frank’s departure.

While this was more of a non-play than a play, it was important to the overall flow of the game.

Week 7 Results:

Week 7 Head of Household: Paul

Paul came into the HoH Room with a healthy enough ego, and that ego swelled once inside. His HoH reign cane more be seen as a continuation of Paulie’s consolidation of power at this point, as Paul’s intents were thrown aside in order to facilitate Paulie’s agenda. Unsurprisingly, Paul was relatively ineffective as HoH.

Week 7 Veto Winner: Paulie, Used Veto on Himself, Paul nominates Da’Vonne.

Paulie’s resume for a BB Champion is starting to get very impressive, save for one area – social game. Still, his ability to win Veto once more was a sign that he cannot be underestimated.

Week 7 Evictee: Da’Vonne

Da’Vonne was destined to be evicted as soon as her enemy was removed. Her gameplay was too polarizing to be effective, but she did manage to make the Jury this season.

Week 7 Player of the Week: Paulie

Make no mistake – Paulie dictated the terms of this week. By running Paul’s HoH Paulie managed to ensure his agenda was completed, and it was done so with aplomb. While Paulie is losing fans in the Outside World in droves due to poor behavior and attitudes, his ability in this game is becoming dominant.

Week 7 Goat of the Week: Paul

The bearded HoH made no friends, did no one favors and generally came out of his HoH reign looking more like Paulie’s stooge than a real competitor.

Week 7 Game Move of the Week: Paulie convinces Paul to put Da’Vonne as a replacement nominee.

Paulie’s early move against Da’Vonne was most efficient, ensuring that his target went home this week.

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