Andy Wins Veto – Doesn’t Use It

So, Andy proved this week he can win a couple competitions, taking the Veto this week home to his HOH room. With Spencer and Jessie being his nominees the chance for making a big move in the game was at his fingertips, but as you’d expect, he played it safe. This season in the Big Brother house the theme seems to be “Don’t rock the boat, baby” and Andy, being Andy, decided to ‘go with what the house wants’ to not upset the balance (Amanda).

Having played ‘both’ sides of the house (Helen and/or Amanda) since the beginning, he has kept both thinking he’s working for them. His true loyalty was tested while he was in power, Helen brought forth a potential plan to backdoor Amanda – he squashed it immediately; it couldn’t happen without him, of course. It also showed that at this point in the game he considers Amanda his stronger ally.

So, nothing exciting here folks, Jessie and Spencer don’t matter as much as everybody else and have outlived their pawn positions. This time, it’s Spencer who is playing the pawn – sweet, silly, unemployed (already) Jessie is going to go home. It looks fairly certain at this moment, she has stirred things up with more than a few people lately with petty arguments and ‘misunderstandings’.

Trivial drama will be her downfall. She came in the house not really knowing who she is, unable to have the armor of confidence in the battle of Big Brother. Indecisiveness made her look sketchy, her emotions made her look eternally confused, and her better body sitting beside McCrae made Amanda see red.

Andy won the power and handed it right over to rightful owner, in her own mind, and apparently in this game, Amanda. She has succeeded thus far in not winning any competitions, which we’ve heard her bemoan, time and time again, yet has masterminded almost the entire season. From the HOH bed. Oh, the irony.

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