Cassi Out :: Rachel HoH

The die was cast for Cassi to exit the game when she entered the house week one. Though we heard her humbly try to deny that petty jealousies were the cause of her early exit from the house, the truth was revealed in exit interviews and edited House guests comments. Shelly and Cassi believed they had a week one deal with the veterans that would safely see them through the first part of the game. The increasing animosity between Rachel, Brenden and Porsche toward Cassi had been re-fueled when Cassi calmly stood her ground to them before and after Keith’s eviction. Dani, wanting Domenic’s complete attention, also campaigned for Cassi to go.

Rachel took a shot at Jordan during the POV competition and Jeff told her to cool-it, which led to a predictable melt down for Rachel. Showing no humility or gamesmanship, Rachel tried to hide in the fake shrubbery to pout and cry. Brendon pretended to console her while he scolded her for trying to win the POV that they wanted to lose so Cassi could go up.

Later, Rachel went to goad Cassi and had her hat handed to her and Cassi let Rachel know that she had once admired her, and even defended her against critics, but had come to realize that Rachel was “catty, ugly on the inside and didn’t like pretty girls”. This really disturbed Rachel, so she went to Jordan alone in the HOH room for compassion. Rather than a pat on the back, Jordan lectured her on her “bitchiness” and asked her to be kinder to others. It was classic Jordan, well worth the price of the feeds.

Next up was the voting, Cassi was evicted unanimously, no surprises there. Not even her friend Dom threw her a pity vote. She tried to give everyone hugs, even Rachel, and then she was out the door to meet Julie. Cassi is not only pretty, she’s smart too: Julie’s best efforts couldn’t get a negative comment out of her.

The HoH contest was a tried and true classic, where the competitors had to answer random questions about what a majority of voters on CBS’s website thought about them. After five questions, Rachel and Brendon were the only players left. Two questions later, Rachel won her second HOH of the season. The Veterans remain in control for the third straight week. As Rachel told Julie earlier in the show: “in the end I always get my way”.

Keith Out :: Jordan HoH

Whenever Big Brother promotes the slogan: Expect the Unexpected us regular feed watchers roll our eyes or shake our heads because we know the live show is predicted by the previous week’s feed watching. We likely know who is leaving and who’s going to throw the upcoming HOH. When Julie, looking pretty in pink, introduced last night’s show and teased us with ‘Both think they have the votes to stay but in a house divided nothing is certain’ she wasn’t kidding.  The first weeks eviction vote was totally unpredictable.
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Big Brother 13 Premiere

The CBS summer hit Big Brother show is back, and as Julie Chen promised the twists are better than ever! When the eight new house guests entered the house they had no idea that another eight previous players would be joining them.  Porsche & Dominic, clearly already playing the game upon entering,  counted the 12 dining place settings and figured there would be more coming. Adam,  joined by the others in the Living Room, opened the champagne and all was cozy for the first toast. That is…until interrupted by Julie announcing that they were to pick partners to play the game with. They were quickly paired. Keith picked Porsche, Shelly and Cassi agreed to play together as did Adam and Dominic which left a disappointed Kalia to pair with overly-excited Lawon.

The Houseguests’s were again startled by Julie letting them know another twist was to be revealed. It was, the door bell rang three times, bringing a new returning Duo from seasons past. First Brendon and Rachel, followed by Jeff and Jordan who got a noticeably very warm welcome, then Dick and Daniele. Ushered outside to play the HOH Slippery Hot dog competition of last year, this time with bananas, the eight new house guests were eliminated shockingly fast. At the end, Rachel remained clinging tightly to the top of her swinging perch while Dick & Dani hung from theirs. Dick asked for and got assurances from Rachel that the duo would not be a target for eviction and gave Rachel won the fist HOH.

At the shows closing Julie left the house guests with yet another twist, the Big Brother Golden Key; Eviction nominees would be a duo; Since the duos will be fighting against each other to stay, the one who wins the POV and/or stays will be safe through for the first four evictions and not have to compete. If your partner gets booted, you get a fast-forward to the final ten. CBS has delivered the goods, the first show was held our attention from start to finish.


Calling herself a sexy, clever bitch and saying  that she can convince people of whatever she wants is quite the calling card. Lucky for Porsche she’s been hooking up with Josh Hartnett and has the pics to prove it. Being a VIP waitress in Miami has some serious benefits mmhmm. Yes, Porsche is all that and she knows how to handle stupid girls and those bulky dumb guys get wrapped around her finger fast. We’ll be watching to see what she does when she thinks the lights are out, that’s for sure.


Oh Shelly, saying you’re going on Big Brother  to show your eight year-old about seizing opportunities is all good, I guess. But don’t play the house mom, we don’t want BB12 Kathy version 2.0. You’re a corporate executive, or so you say, better be ready to prove it when the unexpected hits the fan.


LaYawn, I mean Lawon, thinks he’s going to be the bad guy known for his bubbly personality & charisma. Confused much? This self described “handsome-fied handsome-sexy multi-vitamin of sunshine” thinks he’s blazing new ground with his WeHo-inspired clothing and his nightly green facial masks. Only heard of him an hour ago and I’m already so over it.


Is that Keith or his twin Kenny? Sux to be the angry one at home, not chosen, wondering what he has that you don’t. Can we talk about the whole “Keith’s Angels” thing? He watched every season so he should know that winning the first HoH is never a good idea; likewise starting an alliance with three random girls.  Does he truly think he’ll be able to uphold his principles & morals as an ordained deacon, while hooking up with hot girls on national TV. For reals? Sounds shady to me.


Kalia has only eaten one piece of bacon in her whole life. Really? Cause pigs are cute? Which part? why can’t you admit you ate more than one piece of damn bacon. It’s bacon alright? Not the whole pig. Kalia’s boobs are real and all pretty girls pass gas. She’s so weird it could be fun to watch her drive everyone else crazy. Or not. But damn, only one piece?


Okay total cutie. He had me at “don’t consider myself attractive” but then he went on: can’t stand cackley voices like Rachel’s and can’t stand Jessie. Alright already. Could he really be a Bio Chem major who’s never watched BB and still lives with mom and dad at the age of 25? He thinks he’s going to lay low the first few weeks, let someone else be the target, then he’s going to fight for it. Come on. This isn’t a scripted show is it? Oh wait…


Well hello there li’l darlin’ we’d just love to chill with ya’ll.  As long as there are men with some beers sittin’ outside Cassi should be right at home.  We aren’t judging on her cause she’s a model, we’re real sensitive to that. Do we want to spend the summer listening to BS about Cassi’s JC Penney modeling career and watching her flip her hair? Sure thing, let’s bust out some beers!