BB19 Begins June 28th

Big Brother USA casting begins now for season 19. The show will start on Wednesday, June 28th. Rumors are that pre-show sequester will begin around June 5th. The BB Chatter discussion board is scheduled to open on June 19th, but may open sooner if news leaks out during the sequester period. Are you ready for the 18th year of watching foolish people do silly things on the internut? We are!


BB Over The Top Weekly Schedule

BBOTT exclusively on All Access begins September 28, all times are Pacific:

Monday 1pm: Veto comp
Monday 7pm: Weekly Replay daily recap
Tuesday 1pm: Veto meeting
Tuesday 7pm: Weekly Replay daily recap
Tuesday 7.30pm: Live Diaries
Wednesday 7pm: Weekly recap
Wednesday 8pm: Live eviction
Wednesday 9pm: HOH comp
Thursday various times: Julie QA with hamsters, and evictee interview
Thursday 7pm: Weekly Replay daily recap
Friday 7pm: Weekly Replay daily recap
Friday 7.30pm: Live Diaries
Saturday 1pm: Have-not reveal
Saturday 7pm: Safety ceremony
Sunday 7pm: Final safety ceremony/nominations


The Letter From Nick

Dear GinaMarie,

I’m so proud of you for winning HoH and glad you are getting this letter, because I can finally tell you exactly how I feel. I’m not in love with you and I don’t even like you. It was pure torture being in that house with you and now that I know you copped a feel of my dick while I was sleeping, I’m even more disgusted. Please get help for your personality disorder as soon as you leave the house. Don’t come looking for me, because I’m moving to Iceland. If you show up there, I’ll move to Timbuktu. No joke.

Have a nice life you crazy biatch and stay out of mine, see you never!



Britney’s Frank Rant

From the live feeds this evening, transcribed by Angel:

Britney to Danielle

“Way to go Frank, you’re right you are the best player in big brother history. Let’s see you took a chum bath for 21 hours, you got put into an effing carrot suit, you dyed yourself green, and you bench yourself for two HOH’s just to use the veto anyway. You are a mastermind. Why haven’t I just been listening to you this whole time you’re a freakin genuis.”

Danielle laughing

“You’re a freaking genius!”

Silence, Dan comes back outside

Dan “Sorry, it’s only 9:24 though”

Britney “The night is young”

Dan “It is”

Britney “Allow me to repeat what I just said.”

Dan “Whatever it was was funny because you were both smiling”

Britney “Yes Frank, you are the best player to ever play this game, you dyed yourself green, you put yourself in a carrot suit for a week, you benched yourself for the next HOH competition, and…what was his other one?”


That’s A Wrap

Here we go, it all winds to a close tonight. Was it a good year? Ratings think so. From the comments I’ve read among all of us here at BB Chatter, it seems most people agree. Though we were a little unsure about the concept of veteran against newbie, somehow it all worked out to be an entertaining season. Perhaps it had more to do with the mixture of personalities, or maybe it came down to certain house guests who could make any cast watchable, namely Rachel. She was evil when evil made sense, and good when the house needed calm. She, as I wrote early on, knew how to go with the flow. Will it get her into the final two? Unless Porsche’s been yanking our chain, I believe it will.


Rachel Rights Her Wrong

When Rachel and Brendon first walked into the Big Brother house this season I, like so many folks, let out a little scream of protest at my TV monitor, “What? Ya gotta be kiddin me!” Rachel had been such an emotional player, a bridge burner, a bitch, irrational and unlikeable. She seemed repelled by other females, like a cat in heat on the loose. Sadly her anthem became the famous, “No one gets between me and my man.” For all that she didn’t even win, and here she was walking right back into our three-day habit looking very un-remorseful. But CBS gave us Jeff and Jordan, and Evel Dick and Daniele, and a whole bunch of sparkly newbies to distract our annoyance. It would be okay, it really would.

True to form, Rachel started to play herself out in the beginning, picking stupid fights with other HG’s, crying at failed competitions, playing too hard and too fast. Yep, this was the same Rachel we had come to hate, and the producers played it up as best they could, even inserting a special theme of dramatic music: aka Rachel’s Theme.


Rachel Gets Her Puppy Back

Shelly’s return of Rachel’s stuffed dog was very telling last night. When Kalia came in to the bedroom Rachel mentioned the dog to try to get a guilty reaction. It did make Kalia a little nervous, but she didn’t say a word about the dog. Shelly obviously knew where the dog was and did one of her patented “I’m a fun mom” moves with the whispering thing. Sounded like she stuck her little dog through the doorway to tell them.

Rachel’s only reaction was to note that Shelly told her where the dog was and Kalia didn’t, she didn’t respond emotionally at all. Live feed fans weren’t happy about that, but it demonstrates that Rachel’s thinking about how she shows up to everyone else a lot more than she did a few weeks ago. However, she still tends to over-think and over-analyze, not nearly as much as Brendon, but still more than most. That’s why she majored in Chem.


I Love Big Brother

Shelly has done a real number on this house. I can’t figure out if she’s a horrible player or a great player. I mean, there’s a difference. A horrible player is someone who lies too much, forgets details, someone who is sloppy with their game play. A good game player is someone who’s done all that on purpose to completely brainf*ck the others into a whirlpool of indecision and back-stabbing insecurity. It is very possible Shelly knows exactly what she is doing and hasn’t been sloppy at all. It’s very possible she’s like this in real life as well. Do I care? No. Live and let live. Karma baby. And it is just a game. As far as all us watchers are concerned, it’s just a game. Repeat that. Anyone could win. Yay. It’s just a game.


Chaos In The House

This is when it all falls apart. It’s because of the slop, the cold showers, the lies, the house stench, the days that turn into nights, and the gradual slip of reality. All of it begins to numb at your brain, erasing who you are and what you know.

But the good news is you might win $500K. And that’s what people keep telling themselves when they have to get up every morning in the Big Brother house. Though I think at this point money goes second to pride. There’s some real shoving going on in there, and I think just about everyone is ready to prove themselves. Rachel hates losing, but sometimes she fights so hard it goes beyond the game. She could never concede to anyone, for anything, and that makes her a great player but a huge threat.


Kalia Me, On The Line!

A newbie finally won HOH, when in a strange sort of psychic pattern, Kalia answered questions on last Thursday night’s quiz like Ralph Fiennes in the movie Quiz Show. Everyone was thrown off track, including Rachel who promised to avenge Brendon’s eviction.

Then came groveling visits to the HOH room. Rachel made a special appearance, looking very plain sans makeup. She repeatedly used the word respect in regards to Kalia’s win and game play, “I respect you. I really, really respect you.” Yet just a few hours before, Rachel had no respect at all for the sex blogger. I guess when your ash is on the line, anything goes. Frankly I was glad to see Rachel fighting to stay. I was beginning to worry that she had given up. Not so!

In a surprise twist, Jordan was the one who showed some rebellion. She got in Kalia’s face in response to being told Jeff would be a pawn. The reason being that Jeff would win Veto, take himself off the block, and somehow Rachel would go home. It didn’t make any sense, but that’s almost what happened. Jeff won the veto, but Lawon went on the block and appears to be targeted for eviction.

Daniele’s father denounced her game play endlessly this week. He was correct in his assessment, but it doesn’t take a genius to see why a rift has formed in the Donato family. Maybe he could learn to tame his words just once for his own blood, because what he’s doing now sure doesn’t work.

Back to Kalia. Rather than serving her HOH rein in a calm, strategic manner, she wasted time with emotional reasoning. She completely forgot that no matter who she evicts this week, they might come back to haunt her on the very same evening. She made a total mess of it, and I predict a wild show tonight. No matter who comes back, they’ll be all about respect and intent on revenge.