BB Vultures

After watching the first show of the season, I have to say I think this will be a great cast. Along with the usual spitfires Allison Grodner seems to manufacture in a back closet somewhere, we were shown three duos consisting of past players. Evel Dick was in that mix. Declaring himself the only winner, despite the fact that Jordan was standing just a few feet away, he had already set a tone of dominance that would have, no doubt, been challenged many times in the next few months. But it wasn’t meant to be. Dani said she would get rid of him first chance, and whether or not it was her doing, the fact currently is, Dick is Dead. Or course as you know nothing in BB is set in stone. Things change. Players do come back.

Like many, I am happy to see Jeff and Jordan returning to the house. No one can forget the season these two battled between Natalie and her bestie Kevin. J & J provided much fun to a sometimes hostile house of lies and shouting matches. Ronnie, Chima, Lydia, Russell, and Michele were also part of that friction, yet Jeff and Jordan kept cool in the hammock with delightful talks peppered with laughter and romance. All while playing a smart game.

I remember the day when Jordan was counting fingers for mismatched convos Ratboy had conducted, and suddenly a light bulb went off. She really gave it to him that afternoon. She had guts and wasn’t afraid to take a stance. The entire house was unified, and I loved her for that. When she finally won HOH and received a letter from home stating her family had found a place to live, that was a beautiful moment. Despite some erratic, and let’s just say, dumb actions (can we say q-tips in the wall folks?) I think Jordan and Jeff could do really well this summer just as they did in BB 11.

But they need to watch their back, because Rachel and Brendon will rip these two apart like vultures later in the game and the rest of the house will smile and lick the bones clean. That’s just the nature of the game. Something tells me it won’t be long before we see the evil lurking within the newbies.

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