Big Brother 20 Preview: Everything Old Is New Again

For 18 years and 19 (More like 21, but who’s counting) seasons, we have been addicted to Big Brother. CBS’ stalwart summer show has continued on and outlasted the imitators and pale attempts to latch onto the reality tv wave of the early 2000s, and has maintained a spot as a ratings power during the summer. With no end in sight and the series still performing strong, we anticipate as return of the show.

It couldn’t have come soon enough.

To be honest, there are a few reasons to look forward to this season. With a cast of 16 fresh faces (some of whom are superfans, others the usual mix of reality show generic contestant), we have a chance at a clean season, free from the input of previous players who can poison the well of a newbie season. The BB19 move of a solo veteran returneeĀ  (seen previously in such seasons as BB11 and BBOTT to varying degrees of success) bombed hard with many fans, who felt that Paul’s interference in the natural process of the game was too much to bear. While his efforts did get him to the Final Two, they did not succeed in getting him the first prize.

This is also a season post- Celebrity Big Brother. The winter show, put on as counterprogramming to the Winter Olympics, were seen as a success by CBS and a second season is on its way.

The new season is set to feature moments from the past, most likely in the form of competitions and previous players as hosts. Alison Grodner has stated in press and media that this will not be a returnee season, and as such the expectation is that returning Houseguests are there in the form of that alone – guests.

The most interesting thing, after watching cast interviews, is an investment in people who are clearly familiar with the game. It waw fascinating to see people that one would never expect to be superfans expressing their love for old seasons – along with those who watched a season and declared themselves experts, naturally. There appears to be a focus on putting on a good season after last year’s debacle, and it is welcome.

With the new season, there is a sense of anticipation mixed with trepidation. We look forward to new seasons every year, but we also know this can go wrong. This column choose to go positive, and looks forward to a new season.

Bring it.