Big Brother Balance

Was this game really fair? Usually when veterans are brought back, they’re grouped into a house that’s comprised of other veterans for an All Star show. But this year someone had the sick idea to throw a handful of wide-eyed newbies into the mix, like fingers dangling into a piranha tank. Now, with Dani’s recent win—tailing the end of her golden key immunity—the newbie’s might have a decent chance to get back in the game. But who trusts Dani, really? Everyone had two secret alliances and now it’s all been blown to hell. Dani looks like a love ’em and chew ’em up kind of gal. I don’t know if I’d give her my third child if she asked me to.

I think we all want to see Brendon leave the house, if only to watch Rachel implode from the wake. Hey, that might not be such a bad idea. Dani gets rid of Brendon and teams up with Rachel. I sense a bit of feministic fascination coming from the beautiful brunette Donato. It would be a real Thelma and Louise situation, only it would be Rachel and Dani. And no Brad Pitt. But we do still have Jordan and Jeff, and I can close my eyes and pretend he’s in the room. Also, there’s no convertible to drive off a cliff. And there’s no cliff. Hell, they could just swing off the balcony or something. Girl power. Yeah.

But again, this would put the noobies in trouble. I’d start sleeping with my eyes open if I were them. I’d develop hyper listening skills, hang around the storage room, start making deals with shadows. Or, OR, I’d never throw a veto competition ever again. How’s that for a plan?

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