Blindsided and Backdoored

The Backdoor eviction is a tradition that dates back to Big Brother 5, when Jennifer “Nakomis” Dedmon came up with what was then terms the “Five Finger Plan” to eliminate Scott, an ally of her nemesis Jase. It has become rarer since due to changes in Veto Competitor picking, but when performed legitimately it is one of the more exciting moves in Big Brother. Often times, the evicted person had some idea of their particular weakness in the game but felt they were safe, only to fall due to betrayal of some sort.

In the case of Chris AKA Swaggy C, the blindside came from his own misreading of a game he had shown love towards but for which he had ignored or misread every basic tenet of successful game play.

In every episode DR session, Swaggy C had shown a misreading of the game moves perpetrated by others. It started with a fatal trust in Tyler, the man he assumed was on his side but who had been playing against him from the beginning. Tyler’s read of Swaggy C as a potential enemy later in the game was crucial, and his moves to eliminate a potentially stronger player were successful in every sense.

It did not help that Swaggy was blinded by his own hubris in the game. Thanks to two early victories, Swaggy had developed a belief that he was a stronger player in the game than his record actually showed. He led his FOUTTE alliance in such a manner that dismissed perceived weaker players, an act that hurt him deeply when Kaitlin moved into the HOH room.

Swaggy also made the mistake of relying on players that had the appearance of strength but in fact have not played well to date. This is especially true in his overreliance in Fessy and Bayleigh, two players who had not performed well overall in the game to date. His relationship with Bayleigh is an especially painful weak point, as the two had developed true feelings in the House.

Even on his way out, Swaggy had one final mistake regarding his game. His misread of Haleigh as an enemy proved to be incorrect once Julie revealed to him that she had voted to keep him. It was the final punctuation mark on a player who had the potential and the desire to play well, but seemed to have the judgment errors that did him in. In the final interivew, Julie played a clip of Swaggy’s submission video in which he described strategies that had proven successful in previous seasons – lay low, read others and don’t make yourself a target.

It would have done him well to listen to himself.

Week Two Recap:

Week Two HoH: Kaitlin

Kaitlin was HOH and her reign did not disappoint. With mood swings, questionable game play decisions and the influence of Tyler in her ear, Kaitlin made it a memorable and entertaining week. Her desire to make a “big move” served to work in our favor.

Week Two Nominees: Winston, Swaggy C (Replaced Scottie after Veto Used)

Week Two Veto Winner: Tyler, removed Scottie from Nomination

Another win for the mastermind, whose game resume is starting to be too big not to notice. It would do him well to lay low.

Week Two Evictee: Swaggy

Swaggy’s loss creates a power vacuum in his alliance, and it will be interesting to see if the group breaks apart or builds up to counter the Level 6 Alliance.

Star of the Week, Week Two: Kaitlin

Like it or not, this was The Kaitlin Show all week long. She cried, plotted, provoked and amde it her week all the way.

Goat of the Week, Week Two: Swaggy.

The shot of Swaggy, sitting stunned in the living room after his nomination, said it all.

Game Move of the Week: Kaitlin nominates Swaggy for eviction in a backdoor maneuver, leading to him being evicted.

The week build up to it, and the departure brought an end to the early chapter of this season. Where the game goes from here is tough to say.