Blindsided: Closing Time, 2018 Edition

In a season of blindsides, it seems only appropriate that the victims of so many blindsides saved their revenge for the finale.

Big Brother 20 was defined by the surprise evictions (at least, to those being evicted and their allies) that entertained the audiences during the season, and it saved its biggest blindside vote for the finale. Kaycee, a dominant competitor who was seen as potentially less of a game player than her opponent Tyler, won in a surprise 5-4 vote that came down to Bayleigh (Tyler’s nemesis from the first Jury eviction) casting the deciding vote against Tyler. Votes that went against Tyler included Rockstar, Fessy, Scottie and Sam – Tyler’s former ally who felt betrayed by her perceived Final Two partner.

The vote revealed the key weakness of Tyler’s strategy – while he dominated the season’s game play, he did so in a manner that left the victims feeling shocked and somewhat embarrassed. It also burned bridges, bridges that he tried unsuccessfully to rebuild in the Finale. This is in counter to Kaycee, who was as much of a voice in the order of evictions as Tyler but was perceived as less of a social enemy than him. In essence, this makes total sense. Kaycee had built bridges, acted as a comforter as needed and ultimately had few beefs with anyone. Her only real dustup was with Rockstar, who ended up voting for her in the end.

The finale served to prove the key truth about Big Brother – social game is as important as physical and competitive game, and vice versa. Tyler played a dominant competitive game, but was allied with a player who was hated by the other side of the house in Angela. JC was a truly masterful social player, but didn’t have the competitive game in the end to keep him safe. Only Kaycee had a blend of all three, which proved to be the key to her success.

This is not to demean Tyler, it should be noted. Tyler played an amazing game and fans rewarded him with the America’s Favorite Player prize. While he didn’t win the big price, $75,000 is nothing to sneeze at and he will almost certainly be seen in this game again.

This season served as a renaissance of the show, overall. Fan interest was at a high not seen in years, and a general consensus was that the season was one of the best. This holds true for this writer, who has gone on record as saying this is the best season in a decade if not longer. IT served as the perfect antidote to the poison of Big Brother 19, and kept many fans from tuning out altogether.

Big Brother 20 will be remembered fondly going forward. had it been the end of the show, it would have been a fitting final season. Instead, we have a second Celebrity edition and next summer’s Big Brother 21 to look forward to in 2019.

Bring them on.

Final Results:

Third Place: JC

JC ended his game with the respect given of being told he was leaving. Not all players got that information, which led to the later vote results. JC played a truly excellent game socially, controlling Fessy and other players but not bringing the physical game needed to win in the end.

Second Place: Tyler (America’s Favorite Player Winner)

Tyler was one of the better chess player Houseguests in recent memory. His biggest weakness was apparent on Finale night, when multiple Jury members showed that while they respected his game, they liked Kaycee’s game more. Tyler managed to be an anti-Paul, in many respects – although both controlled the game for most of their season (or seasons, in Paul’s case), Tyler managed to do so in a way that didn’t turn fandom against him. It remains to be seen if he will return to a future season, but he would be a welcome addition to a second All-Stars season.

Big Brother 20 Winner: Kaycee

Meet Jordan 2.0, evolved and advanced. Kaycee was a well-liked player in the House who then became a competition beast. Well-liked and well-respected for her game play, Kaycee proved to be the total package in terms of what a successful Big Brother player should strive to be. Friendly, outgoing and strategic, she earned a victory with multiple competition wins and a prudent Final HOH choice to bring Tyler. Kaycee may be one of the best physical players to win Big Brother, and the victory is both earned and respected by this column.

2018 BBChatter Awards

Most Entertaining Houseguest: Brett

Brett brought us the blindsides and the speeches that changed the game. He added to it a fun time and an easygoing attitude that made the game fun.

Most Valuable Player of the Season: Kaycee

It cannot be stressed how important Kaycee was to her alliance. By winning key competitions – a hacker Competition as well as multiple Vetoes and an HoH – Kaycee at times bore the entire alliance on her back and ensured that two of Level 6 survived to the very end.

Goat of the Season: Rockstar

And during the season of her daughter’s birthday, to boot. Rockstar proved to be one of the least favorite amongst the fandom, but she earned this spot for making two major mistakes in the OTEV competition that sealed the fate of her and her alliance. Had Rockstar not revealed to Tyler the answer for a round, he would have been eliminated. This would have potentially changed the course of the entire game. Instead, she crystallized her fate that that of her alliance. This is one of the most egregious mistakes in Big Brother History, and solely earned her this spot as Goat of the Season.

Game Move of the Season: Kaycee evicts Angela over JC, removing the strongest competitor against her for Final Three

Multiple moves were considered for tis spot, but evicting Angela proved to be the final move that guaranteed Kaycee’s victory. By leaving JC in the game, she kept a weaker player who could not compete physically and would ont remember the overall game as effectively.

A Final Note

This serves a my final column for the season, and my final column for BBChatter for the foreseeable future. I have enjoyed writing this column, and will be focusing ym efforts towards the BBChatter Live podcasts. I thank Keith and the BBChatter Board participants for their support, and look forward to remaining a member of this community in seasons to come.

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