Blond, Ambitionless

In the annals of Big Brother history, there have been Houseguests that have overplayed and thus shortened their stay by coming on too hard. First week evictee roles have been riddled with overconfident, overstrategizing players who led themselves out the door with their gameplay. Then, there are the folks that rub everyone else the wrong way and shuffle themselves out via their attitude. The truly unfortunate folks are the ones who are nominated for no clear reason, then break down in gameplay and social skill to the point where they have to go.

Then, there was David.

David, the player with no real strategy or gameplay. David, the player who seemed more interested in spending a summer laying out and hooking up with a girl than in playing to win $500,000. David, the admitted surfer dude who still lives with his parents and appeared more interested in keeping a huge head of hair than using the brain underneath it. David, the player who apparently assumed a strategy of an awesome head of hair would get him the prize. David ended up being the first Houseguest evited this season based on potential alone rather than actual gameplay. The signs that things would not go his way began with the first HoH competition. David dropped from an endurance competition based on the promise of being immune from the Have-Not period later to come. Instead, an empty lunch box awaited him. Much like his game, the lunchbox ended up being full of potential but empty inside.

David’s early departure followed a week that saw his showmance fall apart, his game collapse and his lackluster Veto competition play called out as being bad at best. Overall, however, this may end up being a good thing: David’s showmance partner Aaryn has come under fire outside of the house for several inflammatory remarks (along with several remarks from other Houseguests), and his separation from her can only benefit him in real life as her personality quirks made her an easy target for critics. An early departure also means a return to David’s passion – surfing. The most damning thing that can be said about David is that he never fought to stay in the game. There was no campaigning, no deal making and no real effort to keep himself alive. On the night before the first Eviction vote, Dave was in bed early rather than attempting to campaign against his co-nominees. This is the sort of Houseguest that infuriates superfans, as it shows a lack of appreciation for the game and the chance to play it. To get outplayed is one thing – to show no ambition or competition capability is entirely another. This is in direct contrast to McCrae, a slightly nerdy  guy who ends up winning HoH, winning Veto and has the social standing to come out of a bloody HoH week with little real blood on his hands and a good spot going forward.

David filled a chair and looked pretty. Now, he can look pretty somewhere else.


Week One Results:


Week One Head of Household, Veto Winner: McCrae

The Pizza Boy has delivered, in a big way. McCrae came in to the game mostly known as a big fan of the show, but has proven himself a savvy and – more importantly – very strong player. While his social game could use some work at times (his need to socialize more amongst the other Houseguests has been called out more than once), he has mostly avoided the Week One HoH role of “most likely to be immediately targeted.” It has helped that his fellow Houseguests have managed to make bigger targets amongst themselves.


Week One Evictee: David

David’s downfall was in being tall and looking pretty and strong. That he was pretty much passionless about the gameplay hurt him most, since he didn’t really fight to stay in the game. His departure was unmemorable.


Week One Most Valuable Player: Elissa

As many predicted, Elissa won the first week MVP based solely on her famous sister. This turned out to be a strategy that would be used to keep her around at least another week as well, as other players realized that she (and the MVP in general) could be used as a weapon to target other players.


Week One Star of the Week: McCrae

In terms of pure gameplay, McCrae proved strongest with two major wins. He added to this with a masterful social gameplay that kept him out of the targetting for next week. In a week with as much game play as we saw, McCrae’s gameplay was strongest.


Week One Goat of the Week: Aaryn

While she isn’t exactly treated poorly inside of the House, Aaryn’s nastiness has led to large amounts of bad press outside of the house and as of early Wednesday morning, a release from a modeling contract. The Blonde Texan is in for a rude awakening upon her exit, and has no idea at this point of the extent to which people really do pay attention to everything you say and do in the Big Brother House. Added to this is the gut punch of losing her strongest ally in the game as well as the knowledge that she was clueless to the overall strategy being played out in the house. Aaryn was sucker-punched this week, and her game can only recover with an HoH win or other Hail Mary of some sort.


Game Play Move of the Week: Formation of the Moving Company

The low-level nature of this alliance notwithstanding, it has managed to infiltrate other potential alliances (old versus young, etc.) to become a potential powerhouse alliance. That the alliance members have ways to protect each other going forward and are actively working other alliances (and informing each other of the alliance activities) shows a level of commonality and communication that has been missing in other less successful alliances. While time will tell if this alliance remains intact, the strong positioning of it is evident in one regard – McCrae, the HoH and Veto winning powerhouse alliance member coming off the block, is not seen as an immediate target by the remainder of the house.

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