Brendan Repeats Word, Wins Veto

Once again, Domenic and Adam are the unlucky duo nominated for eviction. With Rachel winning HoH again, the Veteran alliance continues to keep control of the house. Brendan kept it going in the veto competition, repeating last years word length competition win by recycling his winning word: ‘Understanding’.

Rachel and Brendan have all of the power this week, they can decide what to do together, but the chances of the Veto being used are very small.  Rachel nominated Dom and Adam, she doesn’t trust either of them, but it’s up in the air as to who will go home.

Dominic’s relationship with Danielle is a worry, along with his strength in physical competitions and the fact that he’s not easily read. Adam, on the other hand, is apparently an open book to his fellow houseguests. They’re all concerned about his knowledge of the Big Brother game and how well he will be able to do in mental competitions. One of them is almost certain to leave this week.

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