Brendon Didn’t Use Veto

In today’s Veto Ceremony Brendan declined to use the power, leaving Adam and Dominic up for nomination. Both of them have struck deals with Brendan and Rachel, and think that the other is going home, but Daniele’s plotting has worked against Dom in the worst way. Daniele’s attempt to cause a rift in the Veterans alliance was a move that she used too early in the game, and her obvious campaigning for Dominic has failed completely. Daniele pushed much too hard for Jeff to be evicted, which clued the Vets in to her scheme.

Rachel and Brendan hope to keep Dom in the dark about his eviction. Jeff confronted Dom about rumors that he and Jordan would be backdoored. Dom scrambled for an answer, claiming that he had no idea where the theory had come from, and in the end left feeling completely vulnerable. Jeff all but told him that all his secrets had been exposed.

Meanwhile, Adam (who said he had his fly open the entire Veto Ceremony) went to the HOH room to be find out if he was safe. Brendan reassured him that they want him to achieve his goal of spending his 40th birthday in the Big Brother House.  Adam also had no qualms about throwing Dani under the bus, going so far as saying that she is his #1 target. There’s almost no hope for Dominic now, he’ll be headed home on Thursday.

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