Brendon on the Block

Adam took himself off the block today and Daniele again targeted Brendon for eviction. Up against Shelly, it seems that the trend of a returning houseguest having a short second life in the Big Brother house is continuing.  Brendan and Rachels plan for Dani to backdoor Jeff obviously fell on deaf ears, and Daniele wants nothing more than to get Brenda out – for good.

At this point Jeff and Jordan seem to be unsure who they will vote out on Thursday, thinking that Brendon may be better to keep over Shelly, trusting the Veteran alliance to stay true. The smartest thing that Daniele could do this week is tell Jeff and Jordan about the Brenchels plan to backdoor him so it assures their vote will be for Brendan to leave.

With Brendan back on the block, Rachel seems to be reverting back to her whiny, crying, clingy self and hasn’t let him go. Only time will tell what kind of campaigning will be done to keep him but no doubt it will involve intimidation, big words, and tears.  The vote, if not all in Shelly’s favor, will more than likely come down to Adam.

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I think racheal should just walk out the door with brendon if he’s voted off tonight…. which i hope he is!!! God i hate them sooooo much

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