Brendon Saves Rachel

Brendon won the Power of Veto and used it to save his fiancee Rachel, much to the shock of the house. Daniele, forced to name a replacement nominee placed one of the most loved House Guests in Big Brother history against him: Jordan. Daniele will realize her goal of having a strong Veteran leave the house.

Rachel is shattered that her other half will be leaving her for the summer, but has vowed revenge on Daniele. Brendan, having played a post-Rachel game last year continued on to win the next HOH competition, and Rachel will attempt to do the same after kissing him goodbye.

Jeff and Jordan who were suspicious of Daniele, who attempted to backdoor Jeff last week, but were assured that they wouldn’t be split up. Dani negated most of the risk by placing Jordan on the block: it’s virtually certain that Brendon will go home on Thursday.

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