Brendon Wins Veto

When Daniele won Head of Household after setting the Couples alliance against her, it was unsurprising that she nominated Brendan and Rachel for eviction.  Both fierce competitors, they played the Veto competition along with Daniele, Jeff, Porsche and Adam. Unsurprisingly, Brendan added another win to his record and there is now a sliver of hope for the Couples Alliance.

Although it’s most likely that Brenchel will be split up this week, Daniele has few options for replacement nominations. Dani, who assured Jordan directly after the HOH competition that she and Jeff wouldn’t be split up for the summer, may not want to risk anything that might send Jordan home. Daniele said point blank that she will not put Jeff up since there would be too much risk. Shelly, who has raised suspicion with her game play, is a much better option and so is Porsche.

One thing is certain this week: tension is ratcheting up in the Big Brother house. The other Veterans are uncomfortable around Daniele, Kalia and Lawon. But a lot can change in the two days between now and Monday’s Veto Ceremony.

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