The Letter From Nick

Dear GinaMarie,

I’m so proud of you for winning HoH and glad you are getting this letter, because I can finally tell you exactly how I feel. I’m not in love with you and I don’t even like you. It was pure torture being in that house with you and now that I know you copped a feel of my dick while I was sleeping, I’m even more disgusted. Please get help for your personality disorder as soon as you leave the house. Don’t come looking for me, because I’m moving to Iceland. If you show up there, I’ll move to Timbuktu. No joke.

Have a nice life you crazy biatch and stay out of mine, see you never!


Spencer Wins & Uses Veto – Howard, Candice & Amanda Up

Yes, you read it right – Spencer won something! In a veto puzzle challenge against Howard, America’s nominee (Amanda), Aaryn, Jessie and Candice. So the perv gets to stay another week, and someone has to go up in his place.  With Howard being the main target by Helen, through Aaryn, no biggie really, except that the obvious replacement is Candice, who started as besties with Helen and is an obvious vote for Howard to stay.

Candice, post-veto/pre-ceremony scrambled to stay off the block, cornering Helen and asking her to get Aaryn to reconsider Howard as the target. If she had made the conversation a game chat, instead of getting teary about Howard leaving, not really campaigning for herself and delving in to emotional blackmail, it wouldn’t have gone so bad. As it was, it made Helen SMOKE a CIGARETTE.

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The Lesser Of Two Evils

Over the years, a trend has developed among Big Brother players that can be thought of as a variation of “The Lesser of Two Evils.” When two people are on the block – one as an originally intended target, one as a pawn – the vote changes so that the person causing more problems stays inside the House so that they can be saved for a later eviction. The other person is evicted because of a myriad of reasons – they’re “too nice,” not a strong player, too strong a player, not a team player, etc.

In the case of Kaitlin’s eviction this week, it was the lesser of two evils being removed once more. This time around, however, the player who was “too much of a threat” to keep in the House barely fought to keep herself alive.

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Elissa Uses Veto – GinaMarie Nominated

Yet again, someone on the block won the Veto, guaranteeing its use yet again. This time, it was America’s MVP Nominee who won the power, Elissa. She was the surprise MVP Nom, probably being second choice, after Aaryn, who had already been placed on the block with Kaitlin by HOH Judd.

This week’s Veto was the traditional How Much Do You Want It? Challenge and Elissa has to sit out next week’s Veto Competition, Judd got Solitary Confinement for 24 hours, Helen has an 8pm curfew and McCrae obviously didn’t want it, as he now has an extra $5,000 in his pocket.  Not too shabby.

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Legends Of The Fail

In the game of Big Brother, there have been countless examples of partnerships and alliances that rose spectacularly early on only to flame out just as quickly. These alliances are legendary for their failure, rather than any success they may have had. The biggest example of an alliance collapse is the “Regulators” of Big Brother 13, a group of 4 who were assured of their ability to run the House only to be completely removed from the game by Week 5 – and whose sole enemy in the House returned to outlast their final player. Kail’s alliance of Big Brother 8 was just as unsuccessful, in the long run.

In the examination of game history, the season will have to fully play out before we can judge the uselessness of the Moving Company. However, it can definitely be viewed as a near-total failure to this point.

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Kaitlyn Wins & Uses Veto – Jeremy, Aaryn & Spencer Up

After being nominated alongside Aaryn and the MVP choice, Spencer, Kaitlyn won the timed House Guest Photo Manipulation challenge and had the chance to save herself in the game…. But at what cost?

For what seems to be the first time in Big Brother History, a Showmance, a backdoor plan, and a Veto win collide. Kaitlyn won the Veto, knowing if she used it on herself her ‘man’ Jeremy would be the replacement nominee and be evicted – if she didn’t, she’d knowingly pull a Marcellas, and be voted out herself.

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Hubris and the Blindside

Hubris and pride are often considered the same thing. In terms of reality television, they are certainly sympatico. The best reality television villians had a healthy dose of hubris and cockiness that they would make the game theirs through the end. Oftentimes, the best game moves in terms of fan enjoyment come from seeing an egotistical and prideful player get a comeuppance, either through removal from the game or a major loss from their side.

Fans got their wishes in spades during Thursday’s eviction episode.

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Jeremy Wins & Vetos Himself – Elissa, Helen & Nick Up

Its that time of year again, folks, the hamsters are in the cage, the fish in the fishbowl, the guinea pigs under the microscopes, and the crazy awesome fans plastered to various digital devices, trying to get our fix. Yes, summer is finally here, and with the heat comes the real action. Yes, ladies & gentlemen, Big Brother 15 has finally arrived.

And with it, all the drama, trash talking, showmances and…. Racism?? Oi. It’s already shaping up to be a crazy season. Now, since one of the little blondes at the center of all the ‘Real Life’ controversy has gone from her ‘boyfriend’ being blindsided to residing in the HOH, drama was OBVI!!! The power goes to her head, she turns on the bitchy and goes for the easy target. Another girl, of course, Aaryn is too young and insecure to play the Big Brother game with her brain, instead of her emotions.

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Blond, Ambitionless

In the annals of Big Brother history, there have been Houseguests that have overplayed and thus shortened their stay by coming on too hard. First week evictee roles have been riddled with overconfident, overstrategizing players who led themselves out the door with their gameplay. Then, there are the folks that rub everyone else the wrong way and shuffle themselves out via their attitude. The truly unfortunate folks are the ones who are nominated for no clear reason, then break down in gameplay and social skill to the point where they have to go.

Then, there was David.

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Everything Old Is NOT New Again

There is a phrase that has come to be commonplace when talking about Big Brother in years past: “Everything Old is New Again.” This phrase typifies the somewhat recycled nature of recent seasons where Houseguests of previous seasons were brought back to compete once more in the game. Be it as mentors, All-Stars or couples, these retread players became symbolic of the chief complaint amongst Big Brother fans – that the show relied too much on popular personalities and reality “stars” to maintain an audience. Why invest in the process of finding new players when, for the measly cost of tens of thousands of dollars more you can invite someone back that is a fan favorite?

This year, however, the retreads are gone- Big Brother is riding on new tires in 2013.
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