Chaos In The House

This is when it all falls apart. It’s because of the slop, the cold showers, the lies, the house stench, the days that turn into nights, and the gradual slip of reality. All of it begins to numb at your brain, erasing who you are and what you know.

But the good news is you might win $500K. And that’s what people keep telling themselves when they have to get up every morning in the Big Brother house. Though I think at this point money goes second to pride. There’s some real shoving going on in there, and I think just about everyone is ready to prove themselves. Rachel hates losing, but sometimes she fights so hard it goes beyond the game. She could never concede to anyone, for anything, and that makes her a great player but a huge threat.

Kalia could use some or that fire, but she’s going the route of expecting huge payoff for shabby work. She thinks following Dani around is going to save her, but due to recent developments that sucker behavior has to end.  Dani and Kalia will now begin to campaign against each other, and I think we’re already starting to see that their friendship was one based on convenience and not real affection. Sorry Kalia, it’s over. Play for yourself if you want to stay in this house. The only problem is, Kalia’s just going to talk everyone’s ear off, including us feedsters. I for one am not looking forward to a week of her incessant jabbering. Sheesh.

But going back to Dani, I think the reason we see her in pout mode is because she knew it was coming and that has to burn. Jeff asking her to throw a veto, and her agreeing . . . that’s just evil and genius. I feel sorry for her that she’s in this position, but she had fun playing the house for a couple of weeks and now it’s come back around. I would like to see these two hash it out sometime before Thursday {insert evil grin}.

Adam, yes, Adam needs to win because he loves this show more than anyone and he needs to prove that a BB nerd can prevail. Porsche wants to show the world she isn’t just a snooty bitch (good luck with that). Shelly needs to cleanse the scum left by her recent fibbing streak and come back as the honorable woman we all found her to be in the first few weeks. And going back to the money, Shelly is the first houseguest whom I feel truly needs the cash. Jeff and Jordan need it so they can take vacation together that doesn’t involve CBS, but Shelly has a family to take care of, and although that doesn’t buy a free ticket to the end, it certainly has puts more steam in my desire to see her win.

Then there are all of Shelly’s lies. Whew. That woman has truly lost track of her deal making. It’s an unsaid rule that if you start making alliances, and start telling lies, you HAVE TO keep track. She lied. Multiple times. End of story. And now she’s crying real tears because folks found out and shoved her against the wall. I’m sorry, but you do the crime you do the time. Face up to it and either make up another crafty lie, or get quiet. But don’t start crying uncontrollably and accusing people. I’d like to see Shelly win this, but not if she is going to forget all her weaseling and take the pity card. Even Ratboy gave in eventually. It’s not pleasant to watch, and in some ways I find it comforting that Jeff has been so kind to her through all this. But even now, she has begun to ruin this. All because her lies, and her denial of her lies, have left her power greedy.

So there you have it. The house is in chaos right now. People are doing and saying things they never would in real life. But I guess that’s what makes this social experiment so much fun to watch. This is an exciting week with two friends fighting to stay in the house and a double eviction looming.

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Good points all! Shellys lies have been the most shocking/disappointing. She started out sooo well and lately has lost track and missed her way!

Yes, she sure has. I think she’s playing so hard and can’t remember some of her early game moves. Thanks for reading!

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