Christine HOH, Zach Wins OTEV

Yesterday Frankie won the BotB, without Caleb (also winning an outside-the-house football excursion for himself, Caleb and Christine), sending Nicole back downstairs. With Christine the sole HOH and Donny and Zach potentially facing eviction, Saturdays Veto Competition was the only way to be sure of their safety. Playing along with Christine, Zach and Donny were Nicole Caleb and Derrick who got to experience the classic OTEV competition.

This time, Gilbert Godfrey seemingly voiced the almost cruel (according to the housemates) God of Veto, Otev and sent the players searching for their fallen housemates names in an obstacle filled swamp course. Action abound as there were dives, crashes, and Zach and Caleb tussling, the latter throwing the former away by the neck, apparently.

Zach came away the winner and will, of course, be saving himself come Mondays Veto Ceremony, meaning Christine will be naming a replacement nominee so sit beside Donny on Thursday. As of now signs point to Victoria being the pawn yet again, since it’s believed Donny is now the target. That could change, though. Stay tuned.