Cody HOH – Victoria & Brittany Up – Victoria Wins Veto

Frankie and Cody moved in to the HOH room on Thursday night, after being the first to collect 12 eggs in the team chicken wire competition, Devilled Eggs. Frankie was dethroned, yet again, the next day as his nominees Amber and Jocasta won the Battle of the block against Brittany and Victoria, leaving Cody as HOH. With only the Veto between them and facing eviction on Thursday night, Britt and Victoria knew they needed to pull out a win.

In a World Cup dominated by Germany in Brazil, so it was in the Big Brother House. This weeks Veto was the always anticipated Prize/Punishment, with Cody, Brittany, Victoria, Nicole, Caleb and Zach as the lucky (or unlucky) players and Frankie as the Host. I’m looking forward to seeing him in his element, and I’m expecting an accent.

Victoria saved herself by being the last one standing with the Veto in her hands, winning the challenge, though the rest didn’t leave empty handed. Rounding out the winners are Zach and Caleb, who respectively, bagged a trip to Germany and 5K, neatly making the targets on their backs just that much larger. Caleb missed an opportunity to invite his obsession, Amber, back to her birthplace when he chose the $5,000, a tv moment I’m glad to miss.

Brittany failed to win the world cup comp, but she will be getting lots of soccer practice kicking 2,400 goals in the next 24 hours. Cody on the other hand, or should I say, foot, has 10 ‘Penalty Kicks’ an hour, where he has to mechanically ‘kick himself’ in the ass with a size 14 shoe. Nicole, yet again, is in a costume, this years themed unitard… the Germa(n)tard. A skin tight Lederhosen patterned uni complete with oversized German sausage on a skewer, large beer stein, and green hat with a red feather – Google tells me it’s called a tyrolean hat. And really cute boots.

Now, with another nominee needed, the speculation is running rampant, although it’s leaning towards Cody replacing Victoria with Donny in the aim of getting Brittany out.

I’ll let you know if that happens after it all goes down on Monday.