Curtain Closed, No Encore

From the beginning of this season, one alliance in the House has managed to fairly easily control the game – even when not technically in power. The Level 6 Alliance has had its run of the game, managing to surprise the other side of the House – currently known as The Hive – with eviction after eviction of allies. This past week, the power of L6 proved to be at its peak when enemy Haleigh won HoH and, in a feat of game play mastery, got Haleigh’s ally Rockstar evicted.

It has been a remarkable run of power – but as has been with many a great season, the pendulum had to swing the other way at some point.

Firs, though, we must examine the departing Houseguest. Angie “Rockstar” made multiple mistakes in the course of her game, but the most egregious of which were in this week’s OTEV competition. Twice, Rockstar managed to give enemy Tyler an advantage by first confirming to him that he had the wrong play card, then by choosing the wrong card for herself in the final round of play. It was indicative of her game play during the entire season, after multiple mistakes combined with a nasty social game to provide an evictee that many fans were happy to see happen.

With this event, though, the House was overdue for a swing of the pendulum – which occurred during the HoH competition. Faysal, stepping up when needed, won a tough slip and slide competition to take HoH. With no hacker Competition to balance power, the L6 alliance finds itself in real danger for the first time in weeks.

Haleigh, for her part, suffered a series of setbacks in the past two weeks. She did her own game damage by revealing her Hacker win. She then lost power to Kaycee during her own HoH reign, and it is only through Kaysal’s win tonight that she is safe for another week.

This week saw the pendulum finally swing but it will be up to Faysal to take advantage of it. To make a dent in the other alliance, he must make moves to weaken their core strength of Tyler and Angela. This may prove difficult, with Tyler’s Cloud app still in play and available for use. Ultimately, we will see if The Hive can win the week.

Week Seven Recap:

Week Seven HoH: Haleigh

A total loss, plain and simple. Haleigh lost control of her HoH week in the first 24 hours, and never got it back.

Week Seven Nominees: Initial – Angela, Kaycee (Kaycee removed by hacker, Angela removed by Veto)

Week Seven Hacker Winner: Kaycee, nominates Rockstar and removed herself

Week Seven Veto Winner: Tyler, Removed Angela (Kaycee nominated by Haleigh as Replacement)

Tyler’s Veto win was one for the ages, winning an excellent OTEV competition.

Final Week Seven Nominations: Rockstar, Kaycee

Week Seven Evictee: Rockstar

Rockstar’s loss was almost guaranteed the moment the Hacker placed her on the block, but her OTEV performance sealed it.

Star of the Week, Week Seven: Kaycee

With a Hacker win and overall strong social performance, Kaycee made a sizeable dent in the game this week.

Goat of the Week, Week Seven: Haleigh

Losing control of your HoH week almost guarantees your spot as Goat of the Week.

Game Move of the Week: Kaycee places Rockstar onm the block as Hacker, ensuring her eviction.

A strong game play that weakened the other alliance, Kaycee’s move helped set up the game with just over half left to go.