Dan & Ian Nominated, Danielle Won Veto

Danielle, after winning her second HOH of the season, followed it up with a second Veto win. Keeping all the power in her hands, she can now decide whether to keep her nominations of former coach Dan and resident genius Ian the same. With Shane the only person safe at the moment, using it is unlikely. However with Dan still in the house, it is entirely possible that he can talk his way off the block.

Having previously had a plan together to take out Shane before the final three, Dan could use that to sway Danielle. It could already be the plan. Even so, Danielle is known for being emotional, and her attachment to Shane could override her day-one alliance with Dan.

If she plays the game emotionally, she’ll keep Shane safe, and he’ll most likely vote to evict Ian. If Dan can work his way off the block, he’ll be the only vote and would probably evict Shane. It depends on whether Dan can use his Mist to have Danielle work to evict her ‘boyfriend’. It would end up being a feather in her cap come the final two, having made a big move to take out a dangerous player. However the same could be said if Dan or Ian were to go.

Really, it should come down to who she thinks she’ll have a better chance against during both the final three-part HOH, and if she’s sitting in the final two. We’ll find out her decision tomorrow night, during the live Veto Ceremony.


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