Dan Used Veto – Jenn Down, Joe Up

After his first Veto Win of the Season, Dan decided to use his Power of Veto on Jenn, removing her from the block. It’s a good game move that covers his bases with all the players in the house, with one obvious exception. Joe – who Ian chose as the replacement nominee.

Taking Jenn off both repays her for using the Veto on him last week, and gives her and Frank the impression that his ‘alliance’ with them is still solid. There is a chance that Joe could go home rather than Frank. Frank has the added benefit of not being able to play for the next HOH. This, as we know, will be the first in the Double Eviction Thursday night.

With the Duo of Frank and Joe on the block yet again, a repeat of the reset week, it’s a record of 10 nominations between them on the block; or 11, as Joe says it. With only four votes being cast this week, there is a possibility of Ian needing to break a tie. Sending either Joe or Frank out the door would be enjoyable for him, however we all know how Ian does under pressure, and being the outgoing HOH at the beginning of a Fast Forward with a decision to make is BB stress at its best.

The vote largely depends on Dan, and who he will decide to run with going forward in the game. The Quack Pack has reunited (sans one sarcastic blonde) and with the alliance of four having the numbers, Dan making good with Jenn and Frank still having a hope of surviving the week, he will be in a good position whoever goes. Joe has let it been known that he is targeting Dan, so it wouldn’t be a bad game move to vote him out instead of Frank. He could wash his hands clean regarding Frank, who, if Ian sends to Jury, would have no (less) hard feelings and at the same time give Ian the opportunity to personally send Frank to see Britney.

There are a few days for deals to be made, minds to be changed and votes secured, so stay tuned to see what goes down.

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