Dan Wins Veto

 With Ian finally upstairs in HOH, his second time around again proved his loyalty to the crashed, burned Quack Pack he somehow resuscitated and recovered. By nominating Frank and Jenn, he kept Dan off the block and went so far as solidifying a final two deal with the former winner after Dan won the much anticipated OTEV Veto Competition today. His first win of the season, on his birthday, no less.

Dan now having the power to save either Frank or Jenn from the block, who he formed an alliance with last week that kept both him and Danielle in the game, means we will see which side he thinks will get him farthest in the game. So far it looks as though his loyalty to the QP will last at least another week, as Ian his HOH.  

Frank and Jenn are Ian’s obvious targets, as they had the most influence in Britney’s eviction on Thursday, but the right decision on what to do is not quite as obvious as you would like to think. After feeds returned, Dan was with Ian going through all of the possible options, what the odds are in the next HOH if one of the nominees gets taken off and Joe goes up? What would the reactions be if Dan repaid Jenn the favor of taking him off the block to square them up? Joe would be the only possible replacement nominee, since Ian promised Shane and Danielle would be safe while he and Shane fought out Thursdays endurance HOH. Having already told Joe that, Ian smoothed the way by promising Joe had the votes to stay.

Dan so far has settled on taking Jenn off the block, making it look like the new alliance is still a go. He has a good reason to use the Veto on Jenn, the move would give him more credit as a loyal ally and could help him along in the following weeks where she is concerned. Frank thinks that if he is up against Joe he would be able to get the votes to stay, after all Danielle, he, Dan and Jenn are in an alliance, surely they’d vote to keep him.

The general buzz of the house is now is the time to finally succeed in getting Frank out the door and Ian, according to his goodbye message to Britney, wants to be able to do that. It does look likely that Frank will be leaving this week, since the chance of him being taken off the block by Dan is extremely small. No matter if Frank is up against Jenn or Joe, his fate would be sealed by the Quack Pack Vote, as long as they stay together. It only takes 3 people to send a nominee out this week, and just two for a tie which Ian, I’m sure, would relish breaking by sending Frank to Jury.


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