Danielle Won Veto

Winning her second competition in a row, Danielle is showing her strength as a competitor in this new ‘reset’ game of Big Brother. Now not under the protection of any coach, all newbies were able to be nominated, along with all the former coaches. As Head of Household, she nominated Wil and Frank for eviction, giving them the chance to take themselves off the block. Alas, that will not come to pass, as Danielle now holds all of the power in her hands.

The competition seems to have been a baseball based pick and switch game; with both bad and good prizes. The players competing for them were Danielle, Frank, Wil, Ian, Jenn and Shane. Obviously, Danielle took the POV, but she got it by switching it for BB’s new creation, the Spiritard… taking the Veto from Frank. Now, Frank will have to spend the week on the block and in a ridiculous costume bodysuit, most likely taking a walk out the door and meeting Julie, too.

Ian took yet another punishment, and now has to live in a kennel for 24 hours, eat out of a dog bowl and be lead around on a leash if he wants to go anywhere in the house. To make it clear, it is his strategy, and he gave a vacation to Jenn so he could take it. Really. Shane came out with a Veto ticket, ensuring that he will play next week and Wil got five thousand dollars.

Now is the time for scrambling and deal making, yet the chances that Danielle will use the Veto are very slim. It’ll sure be fun to watch, though.


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