Dan’s Big Veto Move

During the last 24 hours what may be the best game play in Big Brother History has gone down. At the center of it all? Dan, winner of Big Brother 10, author of How to Get On Reality TV, and Big Brother strategy mastermind. It all began with 24 hours in solitary confinement. Although he was subjected to strobe lights and really annoying party ‘music’ (CBS sure didn’t break the bank on that one), Dan had one thing that nobody in the BB house gets – time to think and time to plan.

Dan went in to Solitary confinement after the Veto Competition on Saturday afternoon, and a few hours in to the confinement he stopped talking to everybody, having already played it cool with Danielle, not talking to her since Veto. Of course, Danielle took that personally. Whining to Britney that Dan was mad at her, and wondering why. Britney, thinking that Danielle was reading too much into it and playing emotionally, assured Danielle that he wasn’t mad and was just sleeping, or couldn’t hear them. Dan came out of solitary confinement in the Have Not Room, he appeared pale and shaky. Having been subjected to constant strobe lights and music made it impossible for him to actually rest, and he looked exhausted. However, at the sink he stood and gave the camera a quick wink. There was nothing wrong with Dan.

Danielle appeared, hovering near and asking if he was alright. He muttered, ‘I’m not feeling right… I’m not right in the head.” Saying he needed to lay down, he went into the arcade room and lounged with a towel over his face. He said he was seeing flashing lights still, his eyes still not adjusted after continuous strobe lights. But he kept on winking and smirking to a camera whenever he was alone. After a short time in the DR, Dan emerged looking better but defeated. Still not interacting with Danielle, he spoke to people about a house meeting, calling it his Big Brother Funeral. Dan wanted to clear the air and have fun during his last days in the Big Brother house, and everybody gathered in the living room. Britney passed out the tissues and the show began.

He admitted that the past 24 hours were really tough, and let them know that when he saw them all waiting for him to get out, it meant a lot to him. He always wants to have fun, so he invited everybody to his BB funeral. In a typical funeral they would say nice things about him, but he`s not a typical guy, so he will say nice things about them.

One by one, he went around the room saying what he has admired and thought about his fellow complements. Every word he spoke was a compliment. Joe taught him how to be a good husband and one day father. Shane was the kind of guy that he would like to see date his sister. Jenn stomped on all the prejudices about lesbians. Britney was a newlywed missing her spouse, like him. Ian had proved that he didn’t have an evil bone in his body. He admired Frank’s drive to get on the show and his love of the game.

Ever the showman, Dan saved the best for last. His closest ally, the last surviving player that he coached and the girl who is on the block because she would never turn on him, Danielle. The last time he played the game, he learned a lesson. You have to find one person in the game that you can put 100% of your trust in. Last time for him it was Memphis, he knew that he would never do anything in the game to hurt him – intentionally or unintentionally. When he spoke with her on the first night, knowing that she wanted to be on his team, he thought if he picked her she would have similar qualities to Memphis Garrett. But he was wrong. “We dont need to get into it now, but in this game you’ll never earn my trust back, you know what you did and in this game, you’re dead to me!”

As the confusion and shock spread across the faces of his fellow house guests, Dan concluded his speech by saying he wanted to spend the next few days having fun, playing pool and poker, having a good time until he was evicted. Danielle was still rooted to her spot, like everybody else,  her face slowly changing from confusion to shock to humiliation. She broke down crying, being comforted by the other shocked house guests. “What did I do? I don’t know what I did!”

Meanwhile Dan slipped upstairs with Frank and proceeded to make his big move. Dan swore to Frank that every word that he was about to say was true, his hand on the bible. Then he told him everything about his alliances, strategies and plans. Basically, he threw everyone he had ever worked with under the bus.

He then unconditionally promised to take Frank to the final two, saying he deserved it. By the end of the conversation the plans for a potential alliance were formed. Frank would get Jenn to use the Veto on Dan. Dan would patch things up with Danielle, and as a foursome they would take on the rest of the house. Dan targeted Ian as the rat on Boogie’s team, but since he had won Pandora’s Golden Ball Veto they couldn’t take him out this week. Britney would go up instead.

After crying to everybody while Dan was with Frank, Danielle was pulled aside by her former coach so he could apologise. Utterly defeated, she started tearing up as soon as they were alone in the same room.

“I know I said I wouldn’t do it again… but I did.”
“What did you do?”
“I may have just kept us both in the game.”
“What did you do?”
“I just made us an alliance…”
“What did you do?”
“…with Frank and Jenn.”
She threw a pillow at him, “You humiliated me in front of the whole house!”
“I’m sorry, but….”

Then he explained all the details, saying that it was all an act, she is his number one ally in the game. It took less than ten minutes for her to forgive Dan and begin working out the story they’d tell to the rest of the house. Meanwhile, Jenn was upstairs talking to her ally Frank. He set out the plan and told her everything Dan had said. It didn’t take much convincing and by the end of the night, Jenn, Dan, Frank and Danielle had all spoken to each other and confirmed their intention to work together.

At the Veto Ceremony, the house was blindsided. Ian went first with his veto, keeping the nominations the same because he knew Britney would be put in her place. Then came Jenn, who kept it simple, saying “Dan, you got it.” Frank may have called out Ian in the process of putting Britney on the block, but he faces of the house must have been pretty priceless just then, no matter what.  We’ll see for ourselves on Wednesday.

The aftermath of the ceremony was confusion, crying, and celebration by Dan’s new alliance. Ian was furious and went after Frank several times. Dan acted emotionless toward Britney, Danielle played her ‘distress’ up like an Oscar winner, Ian confused, mad, hurt, panicking and drinking his HOH beers. It was the greatest entertainment this humble Big Brother fan has ever seen on the feeds. Always Expect the Unexpected on Big Brother!

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Dan was playing Danielle so hard after the veto. He played
everyone and to be honest it impressed me because he doesn’t seem to have an
off button on his backstabbing. However, there is brilliance to his plan and as
we all got to see it worked. I’ve been keeping up with the show by recording
episodes on my Hopper and since it’s got 2,000 hours of recording time I don’t
have to worry about running out of space. A Dish co-worker suggested the Hopper
and after trying it I signed up. I think it’s kind of funny that Ian was so
upset because he was the one rolling the dice so far and he got the tables
turned on him. I can’t wait for the next episode!

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