Devin Uses Veto on Brittany – Paola & Zack Nominated

Week two in the Big Brother house seems to have reached a new level of crazy, especially for this early in the season. Devin is now sole HOH – and he knows it. To say the power has gone to his head would be an understatement, not only has he been giving orders left and right, he also convinced Paola to throw not only the Battle of the Block competition, but possibly the Veto, too. Of course, the fact Devin promised to take Paola off the block should he win Veto probably made her feel even more secure. Not only did he give his word to her privately, he also declared it in front of everybody before playing the competition.

This Veto competition was based on balance, with housemates having to build a balanced mobile of the planets.  Devin was the first to balance all planets, so with all the power at the tips of his fingers, he had a big decision on his hands. He could keep the nominations the same, targeting Brittany, who he claimed was his target. He could keep his word to Paola and save her from the threat of eviction, forcing himself to nominate either another pawn, or, another target.

Or… He could totally backtrack; make ‘friends’ with Brittany and blow up the Bomb Squad.

Seriously, Devin is proving himself to be a loose cannon in this game, in many ways. His emotional stability is… questionable. His relationships are unpredictable (poor Donny, the DD’s were doomed), his game play is erratic (bringing the girls into the Squad, without telling anyone?) not to mention his paranoia and controlling nature (‘no, you can’t use my HOH bathroom’) are just a couple things exacerbated by the pressure cooker environment that is Big Brother.

After Devin won Veto there were multiple theories going on, most coming from Devin himself. First he would take Paola off and replace her with princess Victoria, who is apparently getting on peoples nerves. Then, he had a crazy bonding session with Brittany in the HOH, where they ‘bonded’ over being parents (Have you heard Devin has a daughter?) talked about the past and the game and Brittany flirted for her life.

It worked.

So, his plans did a complete 180 and now he would keep Paola on the block as a pawn, take Brittany off the block and nominate another target. Of course, he had to change his mind on the target, too. Victoria got a lucky break when word got around to Devin his alliance-mate Zach had been badmouthing him with other house guests, and he proceeded to call in the Bomb Squad.

Accusations of lying, treachery and deceit were both heard and dismissed, Zach explaining away his actions as keeping their alliance on the down low, but the dye was cast in Devin’s eyes.

At the veto meeting, he blindsided the house by using the power on Brittany instead of Paola, and initiated the countdown on the Bomb Squad.

…..Oh, and did I mention the fact that he’s everyone’s number one target in the game now?

Or that he may not have to votes to save Paola?

Or that he looks absolutely INSANE?

May the Demolition of Devin begin.