Dom & Adam OFF – Cassi & Shelly ON

Domenic and Adam winning Veto put the Duo of Cassi and Shelly in the precarious position of being replacement nominees. Cassi, who is viewed as a  threat because of her relationship with Dom and obvious alliance to the newbies, has not formed solid relationships with the Veterans until recently, while Shelly has secretly aligned herself with them since the first week.  Cassi is the most likely to go home, her only hope is if the house discovers that Shelly was the second wonky vote evicting Keith, and even then the veterans will likely still have the numbers to keep her.

Jordan as HOH has been getting closer to Cassi and agonized over the fact that personally she wants to keep her, but has no choice but to nominate her and Shelly since Dom and Adam won Veto.  Knowing that the second week of play is too early to break her and Jeff’s alliance with Rachel and Brendan she can`t consider the suggestion of backdooring one of them yet, and taking out a weaker player like Lawon or Kalia ìsn`t smart.

Rachel and Cassi have been going back and forth bickering for the past few days, including a confrontation last night in the Have Not room. Now that Cassi is going home Rachel is obviously happy about it, apparently gloating after the Veto Ceremony before the feeds came on, and she blithely joked less than an hour later to Jordan `Thank you for not nominating us even though I was a jerk`.

Shelly, after being put on the block told Cassi that `you can make any deal that you want, I`m not going to hold it against you`, all the while knowing that the chance of Cassi staying is pretty much nil. Cassi, on he other hand refuses to campaign against Shelly because she considers her to be the `best person in the house`, unknowing that Shelly has sold her out multiple times to the Veterans.

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