Dom & Adam Win Veto

Winning the Veto Competition was Adam and Domenic’s only hope for both of them to stay in the game.  Also playing were Jordan as HOH with Jeff, and Rachel and Brendon, whose chip was drawn.  Going in, Jeff and Jordan wanted to keep the nominations the same. Rachel and Brendan thought that taking Adam and Dom off would be good for their game. Dom wanted to win and take himself off the block and Adam would do his best to THROW the veto to get the golden key.

With Dom and Adam coming off the chopping block, another Duo will have to be nominated. Cassi is the next target on the Vet’s list, however Jordan has been getting buddy-buddy with Cassi since she won HOH. Shelly is in the Vets back pocket and they are sure that they will have the numbers to get her a golden key.

Rachel took a penalty to stay in the game and is eating slop for the next two weeks, though she ultimately lost the veto. No alcohol for her, you know Brenda is happy.

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