Done, By Design

It isn’t often that a week goes as smoothly for a Head of Household as it did for Derrick this week. From the beginning, every move he made to get his ultimate target out was set for success and performed by a House united in its belief that the biggest, strongest and most dangerous Houseguest of the season needed to go. One Houseguest was convinced to put himself up to ensure that this happened, and by the time the Veto Ceremony took place there was very little question how the week would end.

Indeed, for Devin the hope that he would remain in the House evaporated faster than any one could predict – and his acceptance of this loss was the icing on the cake that was delivered to feed watchers and Houseguests alike.

Devin’s game, to be clear, was over the instant he won the Veto Competition during his week as HoH. By removing Brittany from the block, he saved a clear enemy (though he was unaware of this at the time) and an ally of the next HoH, Derrick. His erratic behavior combined with poor attitude, holier-than-thou approach to the game, constant evocation of “playing with integrity and honesty” for “his daughter” and his insistence on using the bully pulpit to dictate how his alliance would proceed made it all too easy for the remainder of the House to target him.

And target Devin, they did. Even Caleb, Devin’s closest ally, was clear in his willingness to remove the former baseball player from the game. Devin had no allies left in the game, and only a half-hearted attempt to campaign followed his nomination at the Veto ceremony. It speaks wonders that a physical threat with a complete fixation on one of the other Houseguests to the point of near obsession was considered a safer person to remain in the game than Devin – but at least Caleb could at times have a decent social game. Devin was lost from the start, and forgot the basic rule of Big Brother – it’s all about how you interact with others, not how well you win competitions.

For Feed watchers, Devin’s eviction comes as a cause for celebration. Few people could bring the feeds down like Caleb – and other Houseguests were less fun around him. As an example, Frankie’s turn from House favorite to someone less than trustworthy was primarily based around his double-dealing by giving info to Devin in the HoH room – an act that turned many feed watchers against him.

Going forward, it is truly anyone’s game at this point. There are no players with a clear advantage at this point, and all have shown weaknesses in their game. Those with an advantage in one area are counterbalanced by a strong weakness in another area. This speaks to a larger statement about the game this year – the excellence in casting that was done for this season. We don’t know who will have a strong chance to win this game yet, and the entire situation is fluid at this point.

Given the boredom of past seasons by this point, the opposite is a welcome change.


Week 3 Results:

Week 3 Head of Household: Derrick, eliminated Nicole as 3nd HoH

Derrick solidified his reputation as “best player in the House so far” with his HoH win and excellent maneuvering of the House to his goal and whim. He placed his chess pieces in motion and by the end of the week, he had removed Devin from the equation and solidified Caleb as a potential next big target. All of this comes to his advantage going forward.

Week 3 Veto Winner: Donny

Donny’s win was a win for Jocasta, who had gotten sick during the week and was too weak to perform by the time of the competition. Once more, he proved to be a more serious competitor than many had expected.

Week 3 Evictee: Devin

Devin’s departure was assured once Donny won the Veto for Jocasta. The only threat that had remained was him winning the Veto competition, and that failure sealed his fate.

Week 3 Player of the Week: Derrick

Derrick played the House masterfully, plain and simple. There were slight flare-ups at times but those rebellions were quickly and completely squashed. In the end, the 11-0 vote against Devin was a fait accompli and a symbol of the power Derrick holds in the House.

Week 3 Goat(s) of the Week: Devin, Caleb

Devin had gone from Alliance Leader to House Pariah in record time. There was never really any hope for him by the time the week began. As with previous evictees, he and his game playing methods will not be missed.

An additional Goat of the Week award can go to Caleb, for his week of being played so completely by Derrick to the point where people were giving serious credence to voting him out instead of Devin.

Game Move of the Week: Derrick secures Caleb as his nominee, and that Caleb will throw the Battle of the Block comp.

The ability to convince a player to go on the block – voluntarily – is a skill shared by a precious few previous Houseguests and a sign of brilliant understanding of the game. Derrick’s understanding of how the game is played was never more demonstrated than when he managed to convince Caleb that going up was the best game move for him to solidify his “relationship” with Amber. It showed both an understanding for the moves of the game and basic human nature, two mental skills needed to make it far in Big Brother.