Donny Vetos Jocasta – Caleb and Devin Nominated

Today at the Veto Ceremony, Donny used his power to save his recovering friend off the block. After feeling ill and dehydrated after playing – and losing – in the Battle of the Block Competition, she was unable to compete for herself in Veto. Donny, as her close friend promised to win for her, and when he proved victorious, a touching scene went down off-feed. Fondly recalled by the house guests, Donny dashed to Jocasta’s bedside, waking her with the news she was safe and would be around for another week. She cried. He cried. I can’t wait to see it.

With a nominee now needed, Mission: Get Devin Out was a GO and Derrick was one step closer to achieving his goal when he placed Devin on the Block. With the rest of the week still ahead with the long empty days, there’s not much to do, except gameplay. Devin seems to have given up for now, though if he catches wind of any plan to flip to evict Caleb, he’ll surely campaign.

What exactly will happen when the votes drop on Thursday is up in the air, though my thought is Devin will not be able to avoid the axe.

Whatever happens, I’ll have a great time watching.