Donny Won Veto – Paola & Joey Nominated

The first Veto has come and gone in this twisted season, bringing back the standard Longest Word challenge. With Danny and Paola still nominated after losing the Battle of the Block Competition to Victoria and Brittany, they had this one chance to secure their safety. The players for the first Veto were Caleb, Donny, Paola as HOH and nominees and Victoria, Cody and Zach were randomly drawn.

This year the players had to swim to find their letters, so I’m sure they kept cool. Donny did keep a cool head, spelling the nine letter word “splitters” which after what sounds like a game full of almost words and missing letters took home the Veto, saving himself.

With a new nominee having to be chosen, Team America member Joey found herself the target. You see, there was this girls alliance thing that she made, and like the rest of them, it didn’t work. Then she talked about it. Oops. Donny obviously took himself off the block, and sole-HOH Caleb replaced him with Joey, who it looks as if may be the first person evicted in season 16. So America could be one member down before we even know who the rest are.

Sabotage, I tell you!