Double Shot

With the end of the season nigh, events in the Big Brother House are speeding forward. This week was no exception, and fans of the show and feeds saw major events happen in the span of two days.

The end of the week saw two evictions, Kalia and Jordan. In both cases the writing could be seen on the wall, but in one case the writing was apparently not in a language the extremely verbose observer could understand. In the other, the writing had been there and read thoroughly for weeks.

Kalia’s loss was caused by lack of strategic thinking and play, case closed. This isn’t entirely surprising, given what was observed both in feeds and on television broadcasts. Kalia talked a big game, but when the chips were in her hands she spent them on “big moves” that backfired each time. Witness her initial HoH that resulted in the eviction of her ally and the return of her enemy. In addition, Kalia was entirely too dependent on strategies later in the game that was developed by Daniele, an already-evicted player. Kalia rarely played for herself or on her own terms, and by the time she realized this it was far too late.

Jordan’s loss, on the other hand, was on her own head. Jordan had seemed less invested this time around from the beginning, but the fire came out after Jeff’s eviction. Her partnership with Rachel turned out to be good for both parties, and once again The Jordan Effect worked its magic on the person she was playing aside. Unfortunately, her lack of winning ability this year finally caught up to her as Porsche won the competition that proved to be Jordan’s swan song. It should be noted, in any case, that Jordan was extremely gracious in her first visit to Julie’s Bench of Loss.

As mentioned before, The Jordan Effect has turned a second Houseguest into a potential fan favorite. Rachel has gone from “persona non grata” to “Redemption Story of the season.” Few Houseguests of seasons past have seen a personality turnaround or editorial turnaround as big as Rachel’s, and her season-long story has been a pleasure to watch. The bigger story of the season, however, is Vets vs. Newbies. This storyline has been in place since the first night of feeds, and it has played out once again with the two sides in a virtual deadlock. The final HoH will come down to a Veteran (Rachel) versus a Newbie (either Adam or Porsche), and it is fitting that the HoH will come down to this. Wednesday’s show will be one for the ages, and we can only guess what will happen in the Final Big Brother Battle of the year.

Winner of the Week:

Rachel: She loses an albatross around her neck in Jordan, and has developed as the star of the season. If she doesn’t win First Place, she has a shot at the America’s Choice as a player redeemed.
Porsche: She earned her way into Final Three with an impressive Veto comp win, and is two comps away from winning at least $50,000.

Star of the week:

Adam: The Bestest Week Ever continued into a move into the Final Three and a possible shot at $500,000.

Loser of the week:

Kalia: How she was blindsided is hard to say, but she never saw the veto non-use coming. Fighting to the end, she went out convinced she had a shot to stay in. Kalia was completely clueless in the game and how to play it, and her departure was inevitable.

Game Change of the Week:

Porsche’s Veto Win was the game change of the week, bar none. what was considered a fait accompli was turned on its head when the Veterans both lost out in the Veto competition, and the cotinuing battle would result in the loss of Jordan.

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