Ebb and Flow

In the last few weeks, the power struggle of the house has been made apparent between Helen and Amanda. The two women had different games, and had mainly avoided targeting each other until two weeks ago. The decision by Helen to finally go after Amanda was one that has had repercussions through the last three evictions, with the next Houseguest to leave making waves and in the process blowing up the game of one of these two powers.

Fittingly, it was the person whose overconfidence finally bit her where it hurt.

Jessie’s eviction would have been a nonfactor for most of the week had Helen not spoken too much. A casual comment by Helen about Jessie targeting Amanda previously was heard by the wrong ears – namely, Jessie’s own ears. Up until that point, Jessie’s eviction was to be a surprise. However, this set off a litany of events that by the end of that night had exposed Helen’s plan to Amanda and McCrae, informed Jessie of the assuredness of her eviction, confirmed Andy’s loyalty to Amanda and set the tone for a possible eviction this coming week of Helen herself.

By overplaying her hand, Helen also exposed a major weakness in her game – she cannot play defensively. All night, Jessie attacked her with the weapon of the truth. While this weapon was fairly useless in keeping her around, it did strike major blows to Helen’s cover and Helen could not respond in kind. This was the first real exposure of Helen as a double-dealing player, talking smoothly to Amanda while prepping the attack upon her.

Jessie’s attack also exposed another glaring reality: Helen is not nearly in charge of the game as much as she assumes she is. At this point, Helen’s alliance with Andy is in name only. Helen’s only real ally at this point is Elissa, who has not won a competition that was based on her own performance. Elissa’s power in the game has been lessened to the point of an afterthought, and her mistaken attempt to talk down to and belittle Aaryn and GinaMarie once more (referred to in the first 15 minutes of the after-show feeds) appears to have assured her own nomination (and Helen likely alongside her).

The Live Show proceeded this week as expected, with a major twist or two. The first was the win by Aaryn for her fourth Head of Household. As Helen’s game is beginning to weaken, Aaryn is emerging as a competition powerhouse. With 4 HoH wins and one Veto win, Aaryn is emerging as the player to beat when it comes to pure competition. It is fitting that in this iteration of Big Brother, the most unlikeable player of the first half of the season has become the sleeper player to beat.

The second major twist was the confirmation of the return of a Jury member to the game. Up until now, Houseguests have been rumoring amongst each other that someone would return. Julie confirmed that the Jury members would compete to return to the game, and questions on if the Jury has been sequestered together started to arise immediately. It remains to be seen how this new twist will play out.

As Helen’s game has weakened, Amanda and Aaryn’s individual games have risen in prominence. Much like in past seasons, the ebb and flow of the game continues to reveal new possibilities about who can ultimately win Big Brother 15.


Week Eight Results:


Week Eight Head of Household: Andy

Up until last week’s live show, Andy was seen as mostly a nonfactor in the game. Now with the HoH and Veto win under his belt, Andy has come into his own and managed the nearly impossible. He comes out stronger individually yet remains a non-target to most of the House. He managed to pull off the McCrae move of coming out stronger after his HoH overall – an impressive feat, nonetheless.


Week Eight Veto Winner: Andy

That Andy remains so liked and target-free after the two wins this week speaks volumes about his VERY effective social game. Andy remains a threat to make it to Final Three.


Week Eight Evictee: Jessie

In the end, Jessie played too late. Simply put, had Jessie shown some of the fire in her game before this week she may have been seen as a stronger ally. Instead, she was seen as a floater that tried to make a big move too late – and failed as a result.


Week Eight Star of the Week: Jessie

Although she moved too late, when Jessie made her move she did so in spectacular fashion. Hurricane Jessie made landfall this week, and the damage was done to Helen’s game by the end of the night. This one night of gamesmanship may end up being the defining game move of the season.


Week Eight Goat of the Week: Helen

Helen screwed up, plain and simple. Had she kept her mouth shut in front of Aaryn about Jessie’s move to knock out Amanda two weeks before, she would be sitting pretty this week. Instead, she over spoke and then dug the hole even further with her lackluster attempt to deflect attention away from her and back towards Jessie. Jessie may be gone, but Helen’s the one in a worse position at this point.


Game Play Move of the Week: Jessie blows up Helen’s season-long game in one night.

It was a thing of beauty. Seeing a player act overconfident and then get taken down piece by piece is almost always fun in this game, and Helen may receive her comeuppance this week from it. Should Helen be evicted, it represents the beginning of the endgame that defines the overall season.

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