Elissa Uses Veto – GinaMarie Nominated

Yet again, someone on the block won the Veto, guaranteeing its use yet again. This time, it was America’s MVP Nominee who won the power, Elissa. She was the surprise MVP Nom, probably being second choice, after Aaryn, who had already been placed on the block with Kaitlin by HOH Judd.

This week’s Veto was the traditional How Much Do You Want It? Challenge and Elissa has to sit out next week’s Veto Competition, Judd got Solitary Confinement for 24 hours, Helen has an 8pm curfew and McCrae obviously didn’t want it, as he now has an extra $5,000 in his pocket.  Not too shabby.

With speculation over the MVP running wild in the house, just a couple seem to realise that America played that pivotal role this week. Andy and Judd hit the nail on the head after the Veto Ceremony on Monday, and it seemed that only a few gave credence to the theory.

During the Veto Ceremony, Elissa removed herself from the chopping block and was replaced by the next person of America’s Choice, GinaMarie; she’s obviously not endearing herself to the public with her constant whining about Nick, her crazy-bad hair extensions, her own racist comments and the fact she loves Aaryn.

Now with Aaryn, Kaitlyn and GinaMarie up for Eviction on Thursday it will be the first time a girl will be walking through the door to the outside world. There is, in my opinion, a lesser of all the evils on the nomination couch, and as of now it looks like she may go. However things change quickly in the Big Brother House, especially when such controversial people are on the Block.

We’ll see the axe fall on one of the girls on Thursday; I can’t wait to see whatever happens between now and then. I’m sure it will be… hilarious. 😉

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