Episode One Postmortem: Game Change

Well, you can’t say they went with the Same Old Big Brother.

In a night of big surprises, Grodner and Co. surprised us with a healthy infusion of changed gameplay and fresh blood. The standard big Brother gameplay format has been adjusted with the Mentors game within a game, and the first episode showed just how good an idea this really was.

Before we get to that, we have to look at the major developments that happened within the first 60 minutes alone. In the first episode, we had:

– 12 new, never-played-before Houseguests;

– Surprising attraction to the wormy guy in glasses from one of the Blonde Bombshells;

– Nervousing from 3 Houseguests over who would be evicted before anyone had even unpacked;

– Major Game-playing strategy falling by the wayside as the biggest detriment to one player turned out to be that he looked, sounded and reminded everyone of his older brother;

– 4 Veterans returning to the game- and fans actually cheering the development, and;

– Our first eviction and HoH.

Overall, there was a lot of information to process from the first episode of the show. There is new life in the BB house, and a game renewed by a pretty major change to the format. Unlike previous “game adjustments” this has the potential to last for several seasons as previous fan favorites and game masters could return to the fold and guide newbies, giving Production the best of both worlds. We get the return fo legendary players while losing the complaints about retreads getting to play again and be overly bored by the whole thing. We also get a full crop of new players who get the added bonus of advice and guidance from people who know how the game truly works.

When the Feeds launched it became clear that there are definite lines being drawn, with the women all starting to side against Boogie. Britney and Janelle have aligned with each other, and Dan and Boogie are working together. Along with this is a clear indication that Janelle has not forgotten the events of Big Brother: All-Stars. Ashley is injured, and taking meds for back spasms and muscle pain. We will likely see the cause of this very soon on the tv show.

Week One-Half Results

Eviction #1 – Jodi Evicted on a single vote by Mentor Dan

Alas, poor Jodi. We hardly knew ye.

Truth be told, there isn’t much to be said about Jodi. We saw her struggle in the initial competition for HoH (major kudos to Production for a new and difficult game) and in the end, her good argument for staying in the house fell on deaf ears. Dan’s decision to cast off Jodi didn’t really have much to go behind it save for game performance to that point, and Jodi did struggle quite a bit in the physically tough competition. The biggest benefit is that she gets to return to her new marriage and family- unless, of course, she spends a few weeks in Sequester for some unknown Twist.

For her sake, I hope she gets to go home.

HoH #1 – Willie Mentor- Britney

Never let it be said that the Hantz Brothers don’t make an impression.

In the first episode, Willie has gone from “one of the last players picked by a Mentor” to “HoH.” We are still low on details for his first week as HoH, but Britney’s strategy for making him HoH was sound- this gives him a chance to consolidate some of his influence by having the others come to him.

Star of the Week –  TBA

Loser of the Week – Jodi- Sorry, but being dropped in the first episode is the perfect example of this category.

Gameplay of the Week – Britney’s pick of Shane on her team. In the first competition, Shane proved to be a hoss and easily helped win the competition. Though he didn’t get the reward of HoH, he proved to be a valuable physical pick for Team Britney.

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