Exuent, Stage Right

The appeal of the unknown has been a part of Big Brother since the introduction of “Pandora’s Box.” Seeing the opportunity that comes with the unknown prize or punishment has been a storyline that has played out over several seasons, and this year was no exception. It was pointed out this season that no previous Houseguest has ever refused the allure of Pandora’s Box, and once again we saw that play out in Frankie’s push to have the rest of the remaining Houseguests join him in pushing the button.

Once again, we saw this come back to haunt the House – and Frankie’s allure to the potential of the button started a week that began with him firmly¬†positioned in the Final Four and ended with him speaking with Julie tonight.

It seems oddly appropriate that Frankie was the eventual architect of his own demise in-game. By winning as strongly as he did in the Rewind week, Frankie only managed to enlarge the already-large target on his back. Frankie’s rewind week made it very clear that going into the Final Four week, he would be someone that was incredibly difficult to take out if the chance wasn’t taken now. Caleb’s HoH win helped that along; by having an easily swayable HoH, Derrick and Cody made it easy to move the target from a relatively harmless Victoria to the true danger of Frankie.

What was unsurprising, though, about the week’s events was Frankie’s reaction. Frankie had shown a propensity towards occasional paranoia earlier in the season, and his continuous badgering of his alliance members simply made it easier for them to vote him out.

Frankie’s departure removed the last of the true all-around competitive Houseguests. While Frankie was never a fan favorite beyond the first 2-3 weeks, his dominance of physical and mental competitions cannot be denied. Frankie’s wins helped define the season, as they helped the Detonators alliance remain firmly in charge during the bulk of the season. The remaining members of the alliance each have their strengths, but none have the all-around type of game that Frankie personified for competitions. It will be interesting to see how the final HoH competitions play out, especially if Victoria is finally removed from the game beforehand. That is not an assured action, as Derrick is now in charge.

It remains to be seen if Derrick will target one of his longtime allies or if the Detonators will own the final three spots. That will be revealed in tomorrow’s live show, and at that point we will see the endgame of this season. There is still a lot of gameplay to come, and with the removal of the strongest remaining player it is now truly anyone’s game.


Week 12 Results:

Week 12 Head of Household: Caleb

Caleb won the Rewound HoH and ensured that the week would not go the same as before. The decision to put Frankie up guaranteed a new outcome.

Week 12 Veto Winner: Cody, Did Not Use Veto

Cody won Veto on the strength of an amazing Veto Comp performance, winning the Morph competition in a speed unmatched by nearly all previous Big Brother Houseguests. His refusal to use Veto assured Frankie’s removal.

Week 12 Evictee: Frankie

Rarely has a Houseguest had such a strong physical and mental competitive game while remaining so reviled by many fans. His departure was anticipated by much of social media, and his ouster was celebrated by many.

Week 12 Player of the Week: Cody

Cody’s Veto win and refusal to use the Veto on Frankie virtually guaranteed his position here.

Week 12 Goat of the Week: Caleb

Once again, Caleb proved that the most important person is the last one to speak with him before he has to make a decision. His following of Derrick’s suggestion to put Frankie up was what led to Frankie’s removal, and revealed a glaring weakness in his own game.

Game Move of the Week: Frankie convinces the others to press the Rewind Button, which removes himself from power and ensures his own eviction.

By doing this, Frankie lost the game – case closed. Had he convinced the other Houseguests to not push the button, Frankie could have had the week of his choice and the ability to dictate who went to Final Four. By pushing the button instead, he guaranteed his removal from it.