Falling Dominos

It has often been said that the game of Big Brother changes from week to week. Those in power one week can become pariahs the next; those who suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune can become the top dogs a week later. For two years, no one has exemplified this statement more than Brendon and Rachel. When they’re in power, they relish the power– but once they lose, it becomes a sob story for the ages.

Coincidentally their collapse came in week three of both seasons. Unsurprisingly, however, it followed the combined inflation of the Brenchel head to a sphere the size of Pluto. No matter when it happens, one thing is certain: watching Rachel and Brendon squirm is delicious. Big Brother TV viewers will see it on Sunday’s show but the feedsters saw the entirety of the HoH endurance comp play out.

The HoH Comp played out as expected for the first hour or so. By the time the feeds returned 10 minutes after the show, Adam and Lawon had already fallen off. This was not surprising, Adam isn’t exactly in peak physical condition and Lawon fails to back up his talk on a regular basis. The larger men dropped off right afterwards, Brendon first, then Jeff. From that point forward, the women of the house were in full control.

Then, Jordan took a header and it was apparent the next HoH would indeed be someone new. Porsche was next, followed by Shelly. The final two were only half-surprising: Dani, who was competing for her life in the game; and Kalia, who had appeared to be on the verge of collapse for the bulk of the competition. It became apparent though that the two could have gone for ages, as they became livelier once they were the final two. Soon Kalia dropped off voluntarily and Daniele because the new Head of Household.

The game can change on a dime. Just ask Daniele.

Week 3 Evicted Player:

Dom- As predicted, Dom suffered the brunt of the Dani backlash. His departure was unsurprising, following the events of the week. More disappointing was the lack of backbone displayed by two of the newbies that remained on his side, Kalia and Lawon. Lawon voting against Dom was not as disappointing, as his vote was for self-preservation. Kalia’s vote, on the other hand, followed her fight against Jeff and Brendon and her claiming she was in there to fight going forward. This didn’t play out as a tearful Kalia put the final knife in her friend’s back. A vote for Dom would be a losing effort, but it would have been a symbol. That symbol instead was reflected in the lone vote for him, from Daniele.

Winners of the Week:


For these five people, they emerged from the kitchen House Meeting virtually unscathed. Adam emerged as the clear choice to remain in the house, and Shelly once more proved she was a force to be reckoned with as she gave a speech calling out everyone but angering no one. Lawon succeeded by mostly remaining silent, and Porsche was able to coast through the week. Look for Porsche to emerge as a serious contender going forward, however, as she is starting to play less of a lurker game at this time. Jordan came out of the house meeting relatively unharmed, and she has already received assurances and promises from Dani that she (and by extension Jeff) are not the target.

Losers of the Week:

Brendon and Rachel: From HoH to Have-Nots and targets for nomination and eviction, their week couldn’t have ended worse.

Star of the Week:

Daniele: This was a no-brainer, really. Dani was most influential in the house, though it resulted in the opposite of her desired effect. She followed up what could have been a disastrous week with a huge victory by winning HoH.

Game Change of the week:

There were a few good choices here, but the biggest game change was the decision by Daniele to push for Jeff’s eviction. While this was hardly news to feed watchers, Daniele’s efforts to shift the game caused many a Houseguest to play paranoid, and raised more strife in the house than any other event this year. The lines are clearly drawn in the game, which wouldn’t have happened if Daniele had not targeted Jeff.

Next week, we are promised a vote on “a game changing decision” and more fun. See you then!

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