Faysal’s Fizzle

From the beginning, Faysal was never quite playing the same game as the rest of the House. After being blindsided in most of the weeks he played, Faysal found a strategy that finally allowed him to know what was going to happen – evict his own teammate. It was a move made primarily for questionable reasons, and one that didn’t make sense for game reasons – indeed, the only reasons it made sense were based around Faysal’s affection for Haleigh and his viewing of Scottie as a rival.

It was that misunderstanding of the importance of game allies that put Faysal in danger, and it was this reason he sits in the Jury House now.

In some ways, this lack of game awareness was to be expected – Faysal had not seen the game prior to being recruited, and his mindset is of a team-based way of playing. It was through his alliance with “Swaggy C” Chris and the FOUTTE/Hive alliance that he felt strongest, an early move that ended up costing him dearly. Week after week, Faysal expected moves to go his way; week after week, he was surprised by how the game played out. This has happened to previous players new to the game, but in most cases they learned quickly. Faysal did not.

Ultimately, the loss by Faysal can be attributed to playing a game against people who understood it far better than he did as well as playing with his heart instead of his mind. The move to target Scottie may come down to being one of the worst moves of the season, but by that point it was merely the last bad move in a series of season-long bad game moves by the Hive. By that point, it only served to ruin the games of Haleigh and himself. She’s now a likely target after this week’s HoH competition.

This week also served to show how good – or bad – other players are performing to date. JC made key strategic mistakes in overplaying to make Angela and Kaycee the next targets for his perceived alliance with Tyler, and he became an easy secondary target if needed. Kaycee bumped up a great social game with a competition win, at a time when game resumes will start to matter. Angela did the same, winning an HoH competition and padding her own claim ot the title.

At the true halfway point for the cast, we have seen the last of the really questionable game players. Everyone remaining has a legitimate understanding of the game and how to play. It remains to be seen who will win, but after this week the game is on.
Week Nine Recap:

Week Nine HoH: Angela

Angela’s target never changed once her mind was set – get Faysal out, no matter what. Her plan worked, and it solidified L6’s control over the game at this point.

Week Nine Nominees: Haleigh, Faysal

Week Nine Veto Winner: Kaycee, Did Not Use Veto

Kaycee won a messy, long Veto comp and earned the victory that took out Faysal. The stunned look on Faysalk’s face when scores was released served as karmic retribution after he smugly believed he had won seconds before.

Week Nine Evictee: Faysal

For a man who was surprised and blindsided so many times this year, his departure was all but assured in the end. He saw it coming, called his shot and ensured he would go.

Star of the Week, Week Nine: Scottie

The returnee was going to get this, no matter what. Scottie’s return to the game may be short-lived based on the new HoH’s plans, but his battle back victory against the rest of the Hive was earned.

Goat of the Week, Week Nine: Rockstar

When Bayleigh saw Rockstar’s Veto loss for the first time and voiced what so many of us thought, it was a truly hilarious moment and proved once more just how bad a move Rockstar made in giving Tyler the answer. It’s cleraly stuck with her and will continue to do so.

Game Move of the Week: Scottie wins Battle Back competition, returning to the game.

Scottie was focused and prepared for this competition, and it showed. Winning this put him abck in, and his strategy to realign with Tyler may pay off if he can play it right.

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