Frank Won Veto

Today, in the afternoon Veto Competition Frank once again came out on top. On the Block for the fourth time, he finally secured his chance to vote in a live show; something he hasn’t been able to do since entering the game. Nominated by Shane alongside Boogie, his former coach and number one ally, Frank had to win today’s Stay or Fold Counting game to stay in the house.

Some controversy did unfold before the Veto commenced, after the picking of the players Frank admitted to Boogie he palmed the House Guests Choice chip so a strong player couldn’t be chosen to play against them. Boogie was so proud.

Now the question is who will be the replacement nominee and sit beside Mike Boogie on Thursday night? Shane has few options he can use which won’t rock the boat too much and assure Boogies departure, namely the ‘floaters’ Ashley or Jenn. Shane grew very close to Joe while sharing the Have Not room with him last week, so he as a replacement nominee is unlikely.

We’ll see on Monday who he chooses to replace Frank, though it won’t really matter since he has the votes to vote Boogie out. As long as his alliance stays true, Boogie will NOT be a two time winner of Big Brother. Thank Goodness.

While we waited an unusually long time for the feeds to return after Veto speculation in the fan community ran wild, guessing everything from a Pandora’s Box, to a medical emergency, or a DOR. Alas, when the feeds returned (seven hours later) all was quiet in the BB house, people napping, playing pool or just lounging outside. We may never know if something big went down or we could see it on Wednesdays show, time will only tell.


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